How To :: Kick the Winter Blues

It’s about that time of the year … the time when the holidays are coming to an end and you have that cold, gloomy 2 month gap in between Christmas and Valentine’s Day and another 2 month gap until Easter (I’m a holiday person if you can’t tell 😉 Winter time can be lonely, cold and depressing, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are some tips on how I swerve the winter blues ::

  •  Create a cozy environment. It’s hard getting out and about when the temperature is in the negatives, but everybody has stuff they HAVE to do like school, work, activities, etc. One of the things I always look forward to when I’m out freezing my buns off is coming home to my cozy house.
    • stay warm :: I break out the cozy red blanket and keep it at the end of my bed, not only is it a winter color BUT it keeps me warm when Kc likes the house at 69 degrees … 69 DEGREES IN THE WINTER IN NE
    • decorate :: I decorate the living room with light, winter / xmas decor. I love the white and gold / silver decor because it brings light to the room and adds a classy touch. The decor brings festive and positive vibes that are pleasing to the eye … nam sayin’ ?

  • Spend time with loved ones. There is NOTHING more depressing than spending time with people who don’t have your best interest in mind. Ditch the frienamies and spend time with family, true friends, and like-minded people. Winter time can be lonely, but it’s more lonely when you spend it with people who aren’t down for you 24/7.

  • Stay energized. Drink dat coffee girl. One of my favorite things in the winter time is breaking out the festive coffee mugs and Keurig’ing it up. It keeps me energized, warm and motivated.
    • Something fun to do :: try new coffee spots. Coffee joints are a super cozy place in the winter time to read a book, do homework or just hang out. Plus you can try something new … whether the coffee is good or bad (I hope your coffee is always good)

  • Set goals & stay motivated. If you already have goals established, winter break or winter time in general is a good time to focus on them! There is nothing more rewarding or motivating than making progress towards a goal, and this will keep you in good spirits. If you don’t have any goals set, no problem gurl, set some and get working!
  • Stay active / get outside. This might be the hardest one to do when the chilly weather sets in, but I promise you it’s an important one. One of the main ways I stay happy is by working out / being active. I love bundling up and getting outside. I usually walk Whiskey a few times a week (I pick the warmer days) just to get some fresh air, get my heart rate up and work some energy out of our energized pup.
    • If you are anti-cold then try getting to the gym! I love “sweating out” my problems and making progress towards my fitness goals. Working out literally releases endorphins that make you happy, so try to brave the cold : )

  • Eat healthy. Physical health can contribute to your overall mental health. The foods you put into your body can affect your energy level, acne, and mood. Happy body, happy self : )
  • Wake up early. I wake up at 8 AM every day to do some early morning cardio. For me, that always starts my day off on a fresh and happy note. If your not a morning worker outer then just get up early, drink some coffee, and get some of your “to-do’s” for the day crossed off. It will give you more time throughout the day to accomplish your tasks!

I hope these lil tips and tricks help you guys out during the cold af months!

Happy Winter, Winter Goddesses’ | Xoxox,


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