December Favs šŸŽ„ | beauty products, xmas gifts, natural products

Hay guyz !Ā 

As December is winding to an end, I thought I would share some of my favorite things I picked up this month! I feel like Xmas shopping brings you into some different (sometimes weird) places, but I hit some gold mines along the way! Here they are ::

Feel Good Peppermint Chapstick ::

This chapstick is for real the best chapstick I have ever picked up. It’s an all natural based soap, chapstick, type of stuff store out of Papillion, NE. I picked up the peppermint and orange scented ones and I like them both, but the peppermint is definitely my favorite! I thought I lost this lil poop head for the last week and I almost lost my mind, but I found it … in my own purse of all places. I’ll list the link to shop below, but I think they are out of stock right now! I know they set up a stand at Junkstock in April, June and October. I’ll list their link below too … I would recommend to check that out too if you love antiques, rustic decor and natural products : ) $2.50 each.

Feel Good Chapstick Store Link !

Junkstock Website Link !

“Holiday Cheer” Coffee Mug ::

I know the holidays have come and gone, but I LOVE this mug from Target. If you guys are avid Keurig coffee maker’s like myself, this mug works perfect. It’s an oversized, wide mug so it can hold a butt load of coffee. I have just the basic, small Keurig so it only fits normal sized mugs in it, and this works perfect to fit more coffee in one cup that also fits in my coffee maker! Only 5 buckaroos at Target … link listed below.

Target Coffee Mug Link !

Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Lotions ::

I wandered into this store at the Gretna Outlet Mall and these lotions are AMAZING! They’re a lil pricy, but I picked them up on an Xmas special where they had all of their top sellers (like 12) on sale for $25! These are some of my favorite scents :: Lavender, LA Source and Citron. The LA Source one for real smells like a beach. Perfect scent for if your man wants to go on a beach vaca but you can’t afford it … slap some of this on and be like “welcome to Hawaii baby.” The Citron one has a really light lemon smell, which I love : ) All of the scents are super soft and natural scents, which is a fun change of pace!

Crabtree & Evelyn Lotion Link !

Ipsy Make-Up Bag ::

Ok, I’m a broken record about my Ipsy subscription, but I am in love every month. This is my new all time favorite bag (even passed up the Halloween one, which is hard to do for me) It’s a pink, fuzzy, small make-up bag and I’m OBSESSED ! Check out their website if you love make-up products and would like to receive 5 mini samples of name brand stuff for only $10 a month! I know they always have a waiting list, but if you list that I referred you (since I have a subscription already) you can usually jump the wait list line! Link below…

Ipsy Website !

ABH “Stripped” Matte Lipstick ::

This is my all time favorite lip color. It’s a perfect natural, matte lip. I KNOW it’s a lil expensive and I died inside buying it, but it lasts foreva and is the perfect combo of brown and pink.

“Stripped” Lipstick Link !

Here’s some pics of what it looks like on ::Ā 


Fam Pic ::


Kc’s mom actually got this as one of our Xmas gifts this year and I love it!!! I hung it above our bed with a bunch of other decor and it makes it feel homy and cozy! You can take one of your fav pics and make it a canvas anywhere. I know Wal-Mart is a place that does it : )

I hope you guys had an AMAZING Xmas, got some goodies and spent time with your family!

Happy Thursday | XOXOO,


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