HOW TO :: get back on track after the holidaze 😴 | progress pics

progress pic :: beginning of November vs. end of December

I wanted to show you guys a quick progress pic! Nothing fancy, no booty poppin’ just an honest pic. The left is from early November and the right is from the end of December! I have been working on slimming my waist, and toning my muscles and have seen some good results! It may not look like much in the pics, but it has been a huge difference! I’ve really been focusing on hitting my macros, doing intense, short cardio and lifting heavy! I can’t wait to share some of my fitness and meal plans with you guys! : )

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Hello erryboday!

I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me and ask me how to get on track (or back on track) with their diet. And that’s an AWESOME question because it is a common problem a lot of people run into! It’s easy to fall off track and it’s even easier to stay off track. ESPECIALLY during the holiday season with all of the goodies laying around calling out your name. With Christmas officially over, I thought it would be fun to share some of my tips of how I got back on track after having a couple of cheat meals! Here it is ladies and gentlemen ::

  1. don’t bring home left overs :: DON’T DO IT! I know grandma and mom and every relative and their dog ask the famous question “Do you want to take some home?” and it’s so easy to be like “heck ya box it up gma” but it is a losing situation, trust me! Last Thanksgiving I took home a full snickers pie and I was having a few little bites every day and before I knew it, half the pie was gone. Don’t bring the temptation home with you, leave it in the past!
  2. go grocery shopping :: along with food, go grocery shopping as soon as you get home! Stock your cupboards with healthy foods to get you back on track. Say see ya to the unhealthy temptations and hola to the healthy snacks!
  3. keep healthy snacks on hand :: if you’re out and about running errands or whatever it is you do, keep some healthy snacks on hand. I feel like I always have an apple and almonds or carrots or a protein cookie on hand in case I get hungry out of the blue. It’s so easy to be busy and not even think about your next meal until you’re driving past a donut shop or fast food restaurant. Avoid the temptation and bring healthy snacks to grab!
  4. set a date to resume a healthy lifestyle :: this one may seem lame, but I consider it the most important! I went back home for 3 days … 3 DAYS of temptation and I told myself I could enjoy some cheats (in moderation) and I would resume eating healthy the day after Christmas. I stuck to it and I didn’t feel bad about having some desserts because I knew I would be back on track in no time.
  5. concentrate on your goals :: I always think about where I want to be and how I’m getting there. I know I can’t accomplish my fitness goals with a crummy diet and I evaluate how badly I want to accomplish my goals, and that desire always out weighs the desire for a cheat meal!
  6. don’t feel guilty :: it’s good to enjoy a cheat meal every now and again! It’s human nature to snack during the holiday season since you have access to all of the homemade goods you don’t usually have hanging around. You enjoyed the time with family, but now it’s time to accomplish some goals!
  7. drink a lot of water and stay active :: when you’re back home doin’ your thang, don’t forget to stay hydrated! Push those bad foods and toxins on out and refuel with some good ones! Get back in the gym, take a long walk, take a yoga class, etc. Get back in the swing of things and love yourself for doing so!

Getting back on track can be SO hard. But you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to! You got this! As always :: if you enjoy these posts, don’t forget to “join the tribe” located on the side or bottom of the page ! You’ll get emailed notifications of new posts so you can stay up to date : )

Happy Hump Day | Xoxox,


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