New Year, BETTER YOU ! | New Year’s Resolution Ideas ::

Some pics that made me happy from 2016 :: (most are from our VA vaca lol it was just too pretty)


Happy Friyayyy !!!

2016 was one of the best years of my life. I learned, I grew as a person, I bettered myself :: mentally, physically, emotionally. I found my happiness and I began to enjoy life. I found my passion, and I ran with it. I discovered my true likes and dislikes. I began to love myself because I finally became the person I always wanted to be.

One of the main things I did in 2016 was set New Year’s Goals. I was sick of putting off my goals and I told myself “this is the year I make a change.” This decision bettered my life in an incredible way. Every single person is different, so here is a wide list of some ideas for New Year’s Resolutions for every type of person! Pick the ones that truly speak to you and run with em ::

  • party less
  • get better grades in school
  • try a yoga class
  • drink less pop
  • say “see ya” to fast food
  • cut back on sweets to once a week
  • start a garden
  • get more sleep
  • drink more water
  • quit the job you hate
  • sign up for a gym membership
  • drink less coffee (haha on that one for me)
  • engage in a healthy diet
  • chase that dream you’ve been too scared to make a move on
  • try a 5K, half marathon, full marathon, whatever it is you love
  • quit a bad habit :: smoking, drinking, biting your nails, etc.
  • spend less time on social media
  • visit family more / call them more
  • tell people how you feel / don’t hold back
  • explore more :: go on walks, travel, try new restaurants
  • live more simply :: don’t buy things out of “what’s in style” and buy what is needed or loved
  • start a journal / diary
  • pray more / go to church more
  • watch less TV
  • let go of grudges that have been emotionally holding you down
  • make amends with “enemies” let go, and move on
  • volunteer more :: donate, help at food shelters, etc.
  • learn a new language
  • go back to school / leave school if it’s something you hate
  • eat breakfast every day
  • less insecurity, more self love
  • read more books / watch less TV
  • try a group fitness class :: Zumba, Kickboxing, Weightlifting
  • wake up earlier every morning
  • have business growth / start that business you have always wanted to
  • better your relationship

One of my fav quotes :: Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life. 

Whatever 2016 brought you :: happiness, pain, love, heartbreak, friendships, wealth, etc. use this to better yourself, to learn, to grow and come back even stronger in 2017! Make it the best year yet.

Happy Almost 2017 | Xoxox,


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