Valentine’s Day Gift Guide ! (the perfect gift for that special someone)

Hi guys !!!! 🙂

It’s that time of year again … the chocolates and pink heart decor have been out and about for a while now reminding us that V – Day is just around the corner. I have compiled a list of my favorite ideas for gifting to help you guys out, which is ironic because if you are anything like me, you have procrastinated getting your significant other a gift. So naturally, instead of going out and buying him one I am blogging and putting together a gift guide to help other people out (lol). I’m actually hit with the triple whammy in February because Kc’s birthday is February 8th, V-Day is February 14th, and my sister’s birthday is February 22nd … say a prayer for me ; )

WHILE I LOVE ALL OF THESE IDEAS :: I put a *** next to my FAVORITE ideas, just to add something extra ; )

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Sporty Spice :: for that one significant other who is always active

  • for the big spenders :: fit bit / Apple Watch
  • ***new tennis shoes
  • ***any gym gear: leggings, sweat pants, spandex, tank tops, Nike hats, gym bag you can go expensive and swing into Scheel’s or Dick’s, or you can go bargain shopping at Target or Forever 21
  • buy their entrance to the next 5k race, Warrior Dash, or half marathon that they are interested in or have been talking about doing lately ! For a fun couples thing, you can join them as well!
  • fruit infused water bottle – it allows you to add some raw fruit to your water to give it a little extra sumthin sumthin
  • an edible arrangement (can’t go wrong with healthy & cute food) or some healthy protein bars or cookies
  • ***tickets to see their favorite team play a game :: me and Kc love going and watching KC Sporting Soccer Games! Plus it’s a win-win, you guys both get to enjoy something you love.


The Girly-Girl :: for that one significant other who is always stylin’


  • gift cards to their favorite hot spots
  • new phone case – can never go wrong here
  • throw together a fun lip stick bouquet … if your girl isn’t into flowers and is a make up lover, she will love the romance thought of a bouquet filled with her favorite things!
  • any specific piece of makeup they want!
  • buy them an Ipsy or Birchbox subscription (10$ / month)
    •  I LOVE my Ipsy subscription, you get to take a style quiz & make it personalized to your liking and everything!!
  • bathtub fizz balls
  • gift certificate to their favorite nail salon
  • ***a gold necklace with their name written on it in cursive
  • ***a gift certificate for a spa day: facial, message, nails, etc.
    • or any of these separately !

The Manly-Man :: for that boyfriend who enjoys whiskey, Harley’s and cigars

  • whiskey shooter bouquet
  • cigars
  • a can of chew
  • short drinking glass (Kc’s favorite)
  • if they have a man cave :: any fun signs or decorations to add to it is always a go-to
    • try their favorite sports teams, some funny (maybe inappropriate signs), signs that resemble something they enjoy
  • Menards gift card
  • O’Keefe hand cream: for cracked hands, Kc swears by it!
  • customized bottle opener (Etsy)
  • if your man has a beard :: it would be a fun idea to throw together a ‘beard necessity’ box. I know they make beard oils and cleansers … maybe include some clippers or combs just for a fun idea
  • for men they have 1$ shave clubs, where they send nice razors every month for a cheap price which could be a change of pace!
    • I know they have cheap tie subscriptions & socks ones as well where they send your man a different one every month for a cheap price !

The Sentimental Person :: for that one significant other who puts everybody else first

  • a framed picture of you together
  • ***anything from all of the homemade gifts are always sentimental!
  • ***a charm bracelet, you can add certain charms to customize it to their personality
    I’ve seen these everywhere! I know Michael’s and Target have some cool ones, Michael’s is more customizable while Target is more buy what you get

The Free Spirit :: for that significant other who is always exploring and in touch with nature

  • ***any tickets to their favorite concert, activity, place etc. – one thing I have learned about the “free spirit” is they value experiences over money / gifts, so this is always a win with them!
  • home-made soaps / lotions (you can buy these local, you don’t have to make them lol)
  • a pair of Converse
  • chokers from Amazon (super cheap and cute)
  • Target has really cool “healing stone” necklaces and bracelets where they have a whole variety of colored stones and meanings of what they do
    • ex: one could be for peace of mind, another could be for stress free living, another would be for positivty

The Home Body :: for the significant other who would rather chill at home


  • fuzzy socks
  • ***Victoria’s Secret silk robe
  • ***a fun scented candle
  • a box of their favorite snacks :: maybe throw in a movie and a bottle of wine and make it a date night !
  • fuzzy blanket… Target or Kohl’s have some comfy ones that aren’t too expensive!
    finger nail polish

The Wild Card :: for the significant other who has EVERYTHING

When in doubt things that will always be a success ::

  • their favorite candy
  • coffee mugs
  • gift cards :: Sephora or Ulta (I’m an Ulta girl), Scheels, Target, Francesca’s, B Yourself, Bath & Body Works, Forever 21 … all places that can’t fail !
  • ***throw together a “date night” box, dates can be expensive and there are always those days where you just wanna cuddle up at home instead of go out and about! Include some candles, a fun recipe, ingredients to make a sundae or a fun dessert, a movie gift card or a couple DVD’s, popcorn, etc.
  • ***couples massage, so you can enjoy it together !
  • anything from Victoria Secret :: cute panties, some fun lingerie, perfume, etc.
  • any thing from Francesca’s is a safe bet :: they always have all of these cute “gift” tables with random knick knacks that are super cute!
    • They have signs, picture frames, key chains, phone cases, fun card games, you name it!
  • car freshner’s from Bath & Body Works, anything from Bath & Body Works really ; )
  • ***cooking a nice meal will never fail :: have dinner ready for them when they come over or come home ! Prepare some of their favorite dishes, make a fun dessert & put on some music with a bottle of wine!
  • ***MY FAVORITE IDEA :: last year I knew I wanted to have a little romantic get-away, but weekends in Kansas City and Omaha can be expensive, busy, and have a super city feel to them and that’s not really the people we are! After calling around for a while, I stumbled across a really cute Bed & Breakfast in Broken Bow, NE. It was secluded, had gorgeous scenery and was a beautiful cabin! It was on their own hunting ground so you saw wild life everywhere. It can with full home cooked meals and it was like the cabin was ours for a night! It was perfect for us and wasn’t outrageously priced either.
  • a pretty bouquet of flowers and chocolates … it’s simple & traditional, yet lets them know you were thinking of them !
  • classic date night :: treat your significant other to dinner & a movie

Happy Almost February !!! xoxox,



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