How To :: eat out & stay healthy !

Happy Thursdayyyy !

Is it just me or has this been the longest week of your guys’ lives too !? I feel like I’m hot mess trying to get everything done between school, meal plans, blogging / vlogging, working out & spending time with my munchkins (Kc & Whiskey). BUT I am blessed to be busy doing so many things I love doing : )

Anywho … I know their is a lot of negative thoughts behind the term “eating out.” A lot of people associate eating out with getting off track or eating unhealthy, but I am here to tell you this doesn’t have to be the case ! YES it is harder to track your macros (calories, fats, carbs & protein) when you eat out because it is hard to tell exactly what is in the food you are eating, so it’s more of a guesstimate.

But there are a lot of healthy options here in Lincoln, NE (or any town) when it comes to eating out. And I thought it would be fun to share some of our hot spots & what I order when I eat out !

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Cowboy Chicken: I LOVE Cowboy Chicken. It is a rotisserie styled restaurant. So all of their chicken is cooked in this style and is SO yummy! It is a franchise that originated in Dallas, TX so it has that Southern, cozy, home-made feel and you guys know I’m in love with that sort of thang.

  • What I order :: the 1/4 white chicken dinner plate with green beans & a sweet potato
    • The chicken & green beans are already seasoned so well you don’t need any additional sauce ! UGH I’m getting hungry thinking about it … I love this place.

Chipotle: Ok everybody knows about Chipotle. I kind of burnt myself out on it, but it is a healthier option when it comes to eating out !

  • What I order :: the chicken bowl with brown rice, topped with guacamole, lettuce, and pico.

Teriyaki Madness: This is a new place that just opened up in Lincoln on the south side of town and we have been lovin’ it lately ! It has a healthier Americanized Chinese food theme to the menu.

  • What I order :: the chicken shred bowl with steamed veggies with no cabbage (I like cabbage, but it seems like when they include it they load up the cabbage and not so much the other veggies … so I just don’t include it!

Outback Steakhouse: I LOVE steakhouses. Places like Outback, Longhorn Steakhouse, Texas Roadhouse, etc. are hard to beat for me! I guess that’s the Midwesterner in me ; )

  • What I order :: I usually order salmon with a baked potato. There salmon is SO good here. If you are a fish hater, try ordering grilled chicken (NOT FRIED) or a lean steak!

Lazlo’s: This is one of me and Kc’s go-to restaurants for date night … Kc loves the beer and I love the salmon so I guess it works out : )

  • What I order :: surprise surprise, I order the salmon again. I usually pair with quinoa or sweet potato fries if I’m feelin’ frisky that night (meaning it’s a weekend night).

Chevy’s: Coming at ya with an Americanized Mexican restaurant.

  • What I order :: I really like their fajitas here. I love the steak or chicken ones and it comes with guac, lettuce, pico, and fajita veggies. Be sure to request the corn tortillas for a lil healthier option !

Texas Roadhouse: just another steakhouse ; )

  • What I order :: I love their oven roasted chicken with green beans and a PLAIN sweet potato … no butter, no brown sugar, no sour cream !

General Healthy Tips for Eating Out:

  1. stay away from fried foods :: french fries (ugh my weakness), fried chicken, fried pickles … anything with breading over it really.
  2. stay away from simple carbs :: white bread (biscuits, rolls, breadsticks, etc.), pasta, desserts, pop, sugary drinks (teas, lemonades, alcohol beverages, etc.)
  3. I try to order simple foods :: meaning foods that don’t have a lot dressing or sauces all over them since these usually are high in sugars. I will order a simple chicken breast over chicken soaked in a sauce. I will order a simply season salmon over salmon covered in a sauce.

Generally every restaurant has a healthier option for you to chose from, so don’t hold back on a date night or a night out with friends because you feel like your “cheating” on your diet! Of course, I don’t recommend eating out every single night. I just wanted to show you guys it’s still possible to love food & try new things while staying on track with your diet : )

Happy Almost Weekend (praise the Big Man) | Xoxoxo,


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