January Favorites | Getting Ready for Spring !

Happy Mondayyyyy

Ok so I know I’m SUPER late on this post, but to be quite honest with you it totally slipped my mind until the other night. I guess that’s just what happens when you have too many things going on ; ) So even though it is mid-February, here are my January favorites!

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‘Bang’ Pre-Workout Drinks: 

I stumbled across these drinks when my gym was out of my usual pre-workout drinks the other day. I decided to go with the ____ flavor of these drinks and became obsessed! They have a tasty flavor and they contain creatine, caffeine, and BCAA’s! You can buy these generally at your gym, Complete Nutrition, GNC, etc.

‘C.O. Bigelow Lemon Body Butter’: 

All of my AMAZING followers know I’m a lemon lover. Lemon cake, lemon heads, lemon scents, you name it. So when I found this Lemon Body Butter at Bath & Body Works, you know your girl had to give it a try. It smells SO yummy. It’s more of a lemon cake (sweeter) scent than say something lemon pledge (but I would probably like that too hehe). I love this lotion not only because of the scent but it is also a body butter so it’s super hydrating which is perfect for this winter weather. I snagged this baby when it was on sale for only $9. I really want to try the lip balm in this brand as well … if you have tried it out let me know your review on it!

lotion link here –> click here !

*I couldn’t find the specific body butter I have on the site, but this is the same scent, same brand, just in a basic lotion! Also super cheap 🙂

Jean Jacket: 


Ok I know I’m a broken record on this jean jacket but I’m OBSESSED you guys. I have mentioned it in my last two fashion posts and posted links to it as well, so I won’t go into boring ole detail because you guys get the jist! I can’t seem to find the exact jacket, but I linked one that is slightly a lighter color, but still just as distressed as the one I have.

Forever 21 SIMILAR Jean Jacket link –> click here !

Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray: 

I have been using this hydrating spray for a few months now, but noticed I haven’t mentioned it yet! It’s a hydrating facial spray with a faint rose smell that is a perfect light and flowery scent. I use it after I apply my make-up. I simply spray that baby all over my face to add a little extra moisture since this winter air is drying the heck outta my skin! It also contains vitamins & aloe and is super cheap … just $7! Definitely recommend for you guys 🙂 (You can tell I’ve used just a little bit out of this bottle hehe)

Rose Water Spray link –> click here !

Lilly of the Valley Candle: 

LOVE THIS FREAKIN CANDLE. It’s a perfect lavender, flowery smell to get you in the mood for spring. I mean if the weather doesn’t feel like spring, just light this candle and you can have spring inside your house ; ) I picked it up from Bath & Body Works on sale last month and have been lighting it every night while I do my homework and meal plans before bed to put me in a good mood. OF COURSE they don’t have this specific scent online, but I have linked the candle site so you can choose your favorite scent! They’re 50% right now (13.50)

Scented Candles link –> link here !

Fresh Flowers:

This one is a little change of pace since it’s not a specific product. I usually go grocery shopping on Sunday afternoons and the last couple of weeks the fresh, Spring flowers have been calling my name. I have bought just a small 4$ bouquet the past couple weeks and have been putting the flowers in a cute light pink vase by my bed and I love waking up to fresh flowers in the morning! Create an environment that you love & is cozy! You can pick up fresh flowers from anywhere … local grocery stores, farmers markets, etc.

I hope you guys have a good week | xoxoxoxo,


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