spring / summer fashion inspo !

Hi guys! 

So for some of my original followers, these pics are going to look a little familiar because they were from my previous blog! (I switched over to this one because I was experiencing a lot of layout issues) Since the weather is beginning to be nice again FINALLY, I figured it would be fun to do a little spring / summer fashion inspiration look book … just pictures to  send out some inspiration and get everybody excited for the warm weather coming in the next couple of months! My style is veryyy casual but cute & comfy at the same time so I hope you guys like these looks 🙂

‘Jessie James Decker’

black dressblack dress1

‘Boho Belle’

black dress2black dress3

‘Sporty Spice’

black dress4black dress5

‘Stevie Nicks’

black dress6black dress7

‘Comfy Country’

black dress8

’90’s baby’


‘Spring Fling’


‘That 70’s Show’


’80’s Band Tee’


**follow me on instagram (p.trauernicht) for other cute outfit ideas & so much more 🙂

Sending So Much Love | xoxoxo



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