DIY Boho Bookshelf

I hope you guys had a good week 🙂

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I thought I would share how I assembled this boho inspired, crate bookcase last summer! There are SO many things you can do with crates, but I decided to create a bookcase for some of my extra school supplies and books I haven’t gotten around to selling or reading yet … perfect use of crates for my fellow book worms!

side note :: You could also arrange and use this bookshelf as a nightstand which I was going to do at first, but we don’t have enough storage space for me to move my stuff from my current nightstand somewhere else and I have some essentials in there if you know what I’m sayin’ – girl probs.

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  1. I picked up all these supplies from Michael’s because I’m obsessed with craft stores and this one is the closest one to my house. Plus, I’m a ‘member’ there so I get sent a lot of coupons! But you could probably pick up most of these supplies at a Walmart!
  2.  I bought these crates on sale from Michael’s for about 8$ a piece. I know they sell them at Walmart and basically everywhere else, but they were the same price everywhere I looked! But I would recommend to price check online to save some $$$.
  3. I bought my color of choice (pale blue) paint – one bottle was enough for me to be able to do about 3 coats on each box for about $3.
  4. I picked up some cheap brushes for about 3$ and they got the job done just fine! So unless you have some fancy brushes already on hand, the cheap ones got the job done just fine for me!
  5. I also bought those fun-colored tassels for $6.99. These are optional just to add a little somethin, somethin.

Image 3-10-17 at 7.39 PM.jpg

6. I strung the tassels on a thick, wool-like yarn, and knotted it in between each tassel so there is some separation in between so they don’t all clump together. I used gold tacks to pin the tassels and yarn up.

tip :: I tried using small nails and it was a BAD idea, it started splitting the wood – so learn from my mistake and don’t use nails 🙂

7. Finally, I just stacked the crates on top of each other and filled them full of my extra supplies and books! **make sure the paint is dried before you stack them!

I hope you guys enjoy this fun DIY project! 🙂

accessory info:

  • The ‘strong women never settle’ card + stand is a part of the ‘See Jane Work’ collection at Office Max! The fun polka-dot picture frame of Whiskey is also a part of the ‘See Jane Work’ collection – I wanna say it was only like 4$ last fall!

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