Motivational Paige

Hello lil ladies!!!

(and guys, but let’s be honest I see my stats and my viewers are like 98% women ; ))


I figured everybody needs a little motivation boost every now and again, so I wanted to tell you guys some of the main things I think of to motivate myself. I’ve had a lot of girls reach out to me lately about not seeing results and feeling discouraged … so this one is for you!

Remember you have to be making this transformation for YOU! Because YOU want to embark on this lifestyle to be healthier, physically, mentally, emotionally. Don’t do this for anybody else, because at the end of the day this is YOUR body and YOUR happiness! Now I know it feels like forever to see results. I honestly didn’t see any of mine for a couple of months and I felt so discouraged. I thought maybe I wasn’t eating right or working out properly and I began to beat myself down.

***I can assure you, if you are on track with your nutrition and are hitting the gym or engaging in physical activity regularly, you WILL see results! If you are really struggling with your nutrition, check out my nutrition guides that I offer to gain knowledge on foods + get on the RIGHT track!***

This is so easy to do because everybody is their own worst critique, you look in the mirror everyday and when you don’t see immediate results it’s so frustrating – trust me I know! But I can reassure you there is no better feeling than people asking if you lost weight, and commenting on how much happier you look – because you are! There is no better feeling than looking in the mirror and FINALLY seeing results. Everything takes time.

So, you can either set out to accomplish your goals or you can say “I’ll do it tomorrow.” But tomorrow leads to next week, and that leads to next month and next year. And before you know it you have put your goals on the back burner for a year when if you would have began them when you dreamed about them – you would be where you want to be already!

So stop waiting until “tomorrow” and set out to accomplish your goals TODAY! Because life is to short for “if’s” and “but’s,” it’s too short to be anything but happy. Set your goals. Set a plan on how to accomplish them. Push yourself. I can promise you, you will never feel more alive in your life once you are able to say “I accomplished my goal.” I KNOW you guys are capable of amazing things, and please feel free to ask me for help or if you’re in a rut. Us girls gotta stick together 🙂

Sending So Much Love | xoxoxo,


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