Paige’s Book Club: Book Reviews

Happy Cloudy Tuesday!

Some of you guys may not know this, but I love to read in my free time! I figured I would switch it up a little bit and tell you guys about some of my favorite books I have read lately! Let me know if you guys like ‘book review’ posts and I’ll do a couple a year once I have finished reading a few books I liked and would want to recommend  🙂

Save some $$$ tip :: I like to go to Barnes & Noble to browse around and figure out what books I wanna buy because I love the atmosphere … the coffee smell and the cozy vibes … but sometimes their books are over priced. Once I figure out the books I want, I price match them on Amazon to see if I can save some $$.

  • Some books are the same price on Amazon as they are at the book store, so sometimes it’s unnecessary to buy them off of Amazon.


I read ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ first. Honestly I read this book in high school and remember loving it. There are a couple of other books in the series so I just wanted to re-read it to refresh my memory on the details (weird, I know).

This book is perfect for people who love mysterious reads. It is an action packed book that keeps you intrigued the entire time and really gets your imagination going. The story is based on a boy named Jake whose grandpa passed away from a mysterious attack at his Florida home. The mixture of his grandpa’s far fetched stories when he was a young boy and his grandpa’s dying words, sends Jake into an obsession to figure out whether his grandpa was crazy all along or was a part of something ‘peculiar.’ Grab this book and follow along on Jake’s action packed journey to find out who he and his grandpa truly are 🙂

side note: I watched the movie they created on this book and was not as into it as I was the book 😦 I definitely recommend the book, but the movie wasn’t my thang.

Buy This Book (for $6.50) Here –> click here !

*the sequels are available on Amazon as well*


Next I read ‘Room.’ This book will pull at your heart strings. I truly believe it is a book that not everybody would be able to read. It is based on a young woman who was kidnapped when she was walking to her college class. She was held captive in an underground ‘room’ for years by her kidnapper. And when I say room, I mean a mini apartment. They had a fridge, tv, bed, bathroom, etc. She was subjected to mental, emotional, physical, sexual abuse for years. She even went through the pain of having her captors baby in this room. Once Jack (her son) was around 5 years old, they made an escape plan and had to adjust to living life outside of a room that was all Jack had ever known.

side note: they have also made a movie for this book as well, but I haven’t gotten around to seeing it, so if you have seen it let me know how it was!

Buy This Book (for under $8) Here –> Click here !

Finally I read ‘Asylum’ and this book was definitely my favorite of all three which I didn’t expect at all! I seriously LOVED it. It is based on a high school student named Dan Crawford, who spent his summer at a college prep program in New Hampshire. The usual dorm rooms were under construction at the time, so the students had to stay in an old wing. The students quickly find out it used to be a mental hospital years ago. The hospital was closed down due to inhumane surgeries performed by a man also named Dan Crawford. This book is mysterious, suspenseful and keeps you constantly wanting to know what happens next. Grab the book to find out the weird connection Dan has to this old hospital and the mysterious and deadly path him and his friends take to discover what exactly happened at that hospital years ago.

*this book is also part of a series and I am DYING to read the next book. I just ordered the next two books in the series ‘Sanctum’ and ‘Catacomb’ off of Amazon Prime so I will let you guys know how it goes 🙂

Buy This Book (for $10) Here –> click here !

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