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HELLO my AMAZING people !!!! 

I looked at the calendar today and realized it’s almost the end of March, the general time for ‘March Favorites’ posts and I still hadn’t even posted my February favorites yet (lol). Life gets SO BUSY sometimes and I know you guys can feel me on that. I love beauty products but I also love fashion, fitness, and trying out different products, the whole sha-bang. So I thought ‘Why not switch it up a lil bit?’ I thought it would be fun to put my own little twist on it (and they will not be exactly punctual on the month mark, they will be every here and there since I’m forgetful and I don’t want to just throw together products for the month just for a post ya know?) So I decided to do ‘Paige’s Obsessions’ instead! They will simply include anything that I’m obsessed with at that time … that could be my favorite exercises at the gym, favorite recipes, beauty products, decor, anything fashion, etc. I will rate every item on a scale of ‘obsession’ from 1 – 10 … while you will never see anything ranked under a 5 cause these are MUST HAVES, not kinda need to haves! So let’s get started 🙂

Food Scale:


You guys, this food scale has been a GAME CHANGER in my macro counting game. I use my food scale mainly to ensure I’m actually hitting my protein goal throughout the day. For me, it’s really hard to eyeball how many oz a chicken breast is or how many oz of ground beef I’m consuming. Before, this was causing me to not accurately hit my protein goals, even when I thought I was. So this baby has been savin’ the day and helping me out. Once I started actually hitting my protein goal, I noticed muscle growth and my body just overall felt even better than before! People also use food scales to measure out fruit, rice, oats, etc. but I just use a measuring cup for those things usually 🙂

I found this scale on Amazon for 10$ and it has worked perfectly fine for me! There are a bunch of different styles and colors to choose from, but I listed the one I purchased in a link below if you want to grab your own!

*they don’t have the same baby blue food scale I have, but they have a pink one (which I actually don’t know why I didn’t buy that one because I’m a pink person) a gold one and a silver one!*

Food Scale Link: click here !

Overall Rating :: 9

Geode with Pink Crystals


I found this geode (I’m not really sure if this is the accurate name for this, I’m not very educated on rocks & crystals, so correct me if I’m wrong 🙂 when me and Kc went on our vacation to Tennessee last year and I can’t believe I haven’t posted about it before! I just keep it on my night stand because it’s pretty, brings a good boho vibe and I love the color pink! I would love to get more to decorate the house with, but they can be kind of expensive 😦

I really like crystals and the meanings behind different kinds and colors, so hopefully I pick up some more in the future to share with you guys 🙂

Overall Rating :: 8

Thermal Spring Water:


Ok guys, I know I just posted about my Mario Bedescu Rose Water Spray and how much I love it, and don’t get me wrong I do! But I have been loving this Spring Water Spray lately. I got this product in a Birchbox one month and decided to give it a try after I ran out of my Rose Water Spray. This spray is odorless and feels like a light, refreshing mist when you apply. It’s hard to explain, but this Spring Water feels sooo much more refreshing than the Rose Water and applies way more evenly to your face. I usually use it after I apply my make-up to add a little hydration! I’ll definitely pick this product up when it runs out!

Overall Rating :: 8

Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes Protein Packed Waffle Mix


I LOVE this waffle mix. I decided to try this mix out after I saw a lot of other fitness people that I follow rave about them. I have only seen them (locally) at HyVee, but I have heard they sell them at Target as well.

I have been making these waffles for breakfast and sometimes dinner, if I’m craving them at that time! I usually make 1 or 2 serving sizes (depending on where I’m at with my macros for the day / how hungry I am) and top them off with strawberries, a chopped banana, cinnamon and honey! These protein waffles are one of the recipes I include in my meal plans as well 🙂

Protein Waffles Link (Target) –> click here !

Overall Rating :: 9

Ozark Trail Tumbler:


I told you guys about how much I love these cups in one of my vlogs, but I’ll share the love again for people who don’t follow me on YouTube! They act as a Yeti but are wayyy cheaper! They are perfect for people who are slow drinkers (like me) and hate when your ice melts and waters down your drink or turns your drink warm (like me). I mainly use these for my iced coffee and the ice literally stays in a solid form for a full day. I have left these in my car when it was hot out and I still came back to full ice cubes in my cup! There are a bunch of different sizes available (this is the largest one), and I picked them up at Wal-Mart for $10-$14 depending on what size you get.

Tumbler link here –> click here !

Overall Rating :: 8

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