How To Shed Fat & Have a Flat Tummy!!! Tips & Info


Hi pretty lil ladies (&boys) !!! 

I have a SUPER highly requested post for you guys!! It’s a post jam packed with info so whip out those reading glasses and let’s get started 🙂

It’s a common thing for women to want to have a flat tummy and a small waist. Unfortunately, this is also a place where a lot of women hold their fat. I have had a lot of people ask me how to shed belly fat or fat in general, so I have compiled my main tips to help you guys reach your goals of shedding fat and having a flat tummy 🙂

Disclaimer: I know I don’t have the most fit tummy in the world, but I have come a LONG frickin way and these are tips and information that actually help are proven to work!

keep in mind: 

  1. every single person holds their fat in different areas … some girls hold their fat in their lower stomach, their love handles, their butt (lucky people), and SO many other places. I personally hold my fat in my lower stomach and my arms. These areas are the LAST places and the hardest places for me to tone up and tighten and it can be SO frustrating. One main thing to keep in mind: where you store your fat is genetic and their is nothing we can do to change the areas we hold our fat. BUT we can watch what we eat and be physically active to avoid the fat gain from getting too out of control!
  2. Another thing that is also genetic is the size of your waist. Some people have naturally tiny and thin waists, while other people (including myself) have naturally thicker waists. BUT us thicker waisted people can create an illusion of having a thin waist. This involves building up your muscles in your back, and your upper body and also building up the muscles in your booty and your legs. This can help create the illusion of having a thin waist by giving you an hour glass figure. To build muscle you need to be in a caloric surplus… meaning you are consuming more calories in a day than you are burning off. KEEP IN MIND: while being in a caloric surplus allows you to gain muscle, you will also gain fat since you are eating calories in a day. This is why people do lean bulks and cuts. They build muscle, then go into a caloric deficit (info listed below) to shed the fat and show off the newly gained muscle! This takes time, patience and consistency. So don’t expect to have your dream bod immediately, it’s a process!

the BIGGEST misconception: A lot of people believe that if you do ab exercises frequently, that this will give you abs and a flat tummy. This is totally not true. While doing ab exercises help strengthen your core, having a low body fat percentage is actually what causes your abs to show. So how do you shed fat?

1. be in a caloric deficit:

To be in a caloric deficit you need to be burning off more calories than you consume in a day. Generally, when people are in a caloric deficit (or cutting) they adjust their macros to be consuming high protein & fats and lower carbs. I say generally because every persons body is different and sometimes those ‘rules’ are adjusted. Once you figure out your accurate macros and are consistent with them, you will begin to see small changes to your body!

  • Side note: I have a lot of people that ask me how long it took me to notice changes with my body after I began my fitness journey. You will see different stages of changes throughout your journey. If you consistently follow your macros and fill them with well rounded meals … just 1 day in your body will feel AMAZING from eating clean, a few days in you will notice you have more energy, your acne may clear up, you will feel happier. A couple weeks in you will begin to notice your body tightening up, and the changes will continue to occur. Everybody’s journey is different and it may take longer for some people, but that’s totally ok. Don’t give up on yourself!!!

***If you need help customizing your macros to help you reach a caloric deficit in a healthy manner (or any other goals), I have customized nutritional guides that can help you out in reaching your goals :)***

click here for guides –> click here !

2. engage in HIIT workouts:

High Intensity Interval Training sessions target fat loss. HIIT sessions are quick and intense. You have short intervals of all out intensity followed by intervals of less intensity. For example, if you are sprinting on a treadmill, your overall HIIT session might be anywhere from 10 minutes – 15 minutes long (not including a warm-up). You will have a 30-45 second intense interval of all out sprinting, giving it everything you have. Followed by a ‘recovery’ interval that is usually longer around 30 seconds to 1 minute of giving about 40% maximum effort (so a light jog or a brisk walk). After that interval, you continue alternating them until your overall time is up! HIIT sessions target fat loss, are quick and to the point! I recommend these type of cardio sessions for fat loss.

***Be sure to not overdue cardio, when you overdue cardio this can stress your body out. Stress can cause your body to store extra fat and hold extra water. Usually 3-4 HIIT sessions a week is the max for a person so their body has time to recover, but each person’s body is different.***

3. be sure to consume healthy fats:

You need to be sure you are consuming the appropriate amount of healthy fats that your body needs! You need to consume healthy fats to burn the fat you are trying to shed. Healthy fats are the polyunsaturated and the monounsaturated fats while the unhealthy fats are the trans fats and the saturated fats.

Foods that are high in healthy fats: avocados, almonds, eggs, fish, nuts.


I thought I would also include a couple additional fun tips that may help out 🙂

  1. Avoid foods that cause you to bloat. Bloating can cause our stomach’s to appear like they are bigger or softer than they actually are which can cause somebody to feel insecure, and also be like ‘what the heck this isn’t my body lol.’ Everybody’s bodies are different and can become bloated due to different foods. However, dairy products are a common one (milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.) I honestly avoid all of these foods. Anytime I consume dairy I usually get bloated, have a stomach ache, and excessive consumption of dairy can also cause me to break out!
  • Other foods that can cause you to bloat are foods that are high in sodium (salt). When you eat a huge amount of salt this can cause water retention which causes you to bloat! Generally any food this is processed or canned is high in sodium. A common target is to consume less than 2,000 mg of sodium per day.

2. Another thing to keep in mind that is often over looked, be sure to consume enough fiber in your everyday diet. Often times people will not pay attention to their fiber intake. Not taking in enough fiber throughout the day can cause you to become constipated which can lead to a ‘bloated’ look.

High fiber foods: oats, veggies, fruits, beans, avocados, nuts, quinoa, etc.

These are just a couple quick tips and information on how to have a flat tummy and shed fat! If you guys have any additional questions or post requests, feel free to reach out to me and shoot me an email at:! I love answering questions and helping you guys out 🙂

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