GROCERY HAUL: healthy foods on a college girl budget

Happy Sunny, Summer Tuesdayyyy :):):):)

Now that my Spring semester of school has come to an end and things have calmed down a little bit over here (until Summer classes start next week :/) I figured I would share with you guys my grocery haul from this yesterday!!! I have my staple items that are usually stocked up in the house at all times that we go through pretty quickly like eggs, bread, apples, etc. But I always like finding new snacks or yummy recipes, so each week’s grocery haul is always different!! That’s the beauty of following an If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) diet, it allows you to switch things up!!

Couple things to keep in mind:

  1. I usually go grocery shopping once a week, give or take. For this week’s haul I already had some items on hand that didn’t need restocked yet. They are still items I consume almost daily that I wanted to include to show you guys, sooo if you see some products that have been eaten out of a lil bit already that’s why 🙂
    • Now with that being said, I’m sure this is not all I’m going to eat this week, it’s just some healthy ideas for you guys 🙂
  2. I shop for both me and Kc and we are hungyyyy people lemme tell ya, so if you are just shopping for yourself you might not have to buy so much of an item!!! Just use your best judgment 🙂
  3. I purchased all of these items from Walmart because meat and produce is wayyy cheaper there than other grocery stores!!

** If you are searching for a lil more help when it comes to nutrition, check out my nutrition guides!!! If you are interested in a customized nutrition guide that has a grocery list, full recipes, your customized macros, and helpful information to understand nutrition better…check out my nutrition guides that I sell under the ‘Paige’s Nutrition Guides’ tab!!! They’re crazy cheap for the info you receive in them and super helpful 🙂 **

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Strawberries & Cream Premier Protein Shake


I have been feelin’ these babies lately. This is the only flavor I have tried but they have a few other ones like Bananas & Cream, Vanilla, etc. They are actually really good and don’t have a chalky texture at all like some protein shakes do. They’re like $7 for 4 of them and each container has 30 g of protein, which is nice because hitting my protein goal is always the hardest macronutrient for me to hit. Highly recommend!!


(not pictured because we ate it already last night hehe)

I usually pick up a couple different sources of protein each week just depending on what sounds good. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of salmon!!! I usually buy the salmon that has a reduced price because it’s expiration date is in a few days and then we just eat it that night… so it’s a couple $$$ cheaper hehe.

Lean Ground Beef


Love lean ground beef for taco bowls, hamburgers, rice bowls, etc. I usually stick to eating lean ground beef vs. the 93% ground beef to try to cut out a little extra fat.

Fruits / Snacks / Carbs



Gala apples are my fav 🙂 I love fruit, but like most things it’s healthy in moderation!! I also got watermelon and grapes but I didn’t picture those! I bought 4 🙂



Nothin’ crazy, just your basic strawberries. I love eating strawberries plain with a meal or adding them to my protein pancakes or smoothies 🙂

Sea Salt & Lime Mini Rice Cakes


I love these babies. I like the Cinnamon Apple ones (I also purchased those) they make so when I saw they came out with a new flavor “Sea Salt & Lime” I was like okkkk let’s try em out. I love lime flavored chips so this was a hit for me!!! Yummy

‘Cinnamon’ Life Cereal


It’s not like this cereal is crazy good for you or anything, I just like snacking on it sometimes! I have always been a plain cereal eater since I don’t really like milk too much, and this cereal just has a good flavor to it!! So I snack on it in moderation sometimes when I want something a lil bit sweeter 🙂




You guys I do soooo much with this bread. I make egg sandwiches, avocado toast, PB & banana toast, sandwiches, etc. It’s a good source of carbs and fiber in the morning or before my workouts!!



I hit rice really hard for a while and I got burnt out on it but I’m finally coming back around! I usually use rice as a side or in a rice bowl with veggies and meat! This flavor is one of my favorite rices 🙂

Healthy Fats



I eat a lil bit of avocado dang near every day. They’re a great source of healthy fats and they’re yummayyy. I love using avocados as a spread on sandwiches, or to act as a sauce in bowls, or to make guac out of!! I bought 3 🙂

I also bought 1 red pepper, 1 orange pepper and 2 zucchini’s to make a lil veggie stir fry out of. Those aren’t pictured because we also ate those last night with the salmon! I love seasoning peppers, zucchini’s and onions and adding them to bowls or as sides!

Cajun Trail Mix


Ok so honestly I bought this bag last week and me and Kc have been eating wayyy too much of it (obviously lol). This trail mix tastes SO good and I’m usually a baby about spicy things, but I love it!!! I usually buy nuts as a source of healthy fats quite often but was super burnt out on my usual go-to’s so I saw this mix and wanted to try it out!! I bought the Great Value brand because it is usually a lil cheaper and tastes just as good!!!



Anotha healthy source of good fats and protein. I like making omelettes or egg sandwiches with avocado in the mornings!!

I hope these items helped give you guys some healthy eating ideas!!! I’m a crazy hungry person and I’m always posting my meals on either on my Instagram story or as a picture on Instagram, so if you wanna see more food go follow me on there 🙂 PLUS I post workout ideas and stories of my dog soooo it’s a win win!!! ; )

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Sending SO Much Love | xoxoxo

Paige 🙂 

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