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Hello Pretty People!!!

New season, new favorites!!! I wanted to make a blog post about some of the thangs I have been lovin’ lately so you guys can pick them up if you love them too! They’re all crazy affordable because I’m broke as a joke, so cute stuff on a budget ayeeee.

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Forever 21 Boho Backpack



This backpack has been a game changer. I personally hate carrying around purses. I think they’re kind of annoying and I hate how they always fall off of your shoulder if you use the strap, but then if you don’t use the strap it just hurts your arm and leaves those red marks. SO when I saw this cute backpack at Forever 21 I went for it and I’ve been lovin’ it!!! It’s super light and doesn’t hurt your back or your shoulders, but you can fit all your shit in it no problem. I bring it everywhere (except into the KC Sporting Game cause apparently you can’t bring backpacks into the stadium but I saw one chick bring a duffle bag in???? So I had to leave it with a random street cop and I was trippin’ the whole time, but it turned out all good!!! There are good people out there 🙂

Purchase Backpack Here –> click here!!

**I couldn’t find the exact one on the Forever 21 website, but the link is to all of their similar black backpacks. If you are in the Lincoln area, I bought it at Gateway here in town and I swear they still have them in store!!!**

Target Boho Rings

Alright so you guys already know that I love boho themed items. So when I saw these babies at Target I was like come to mama. I have crazy big knuckles and my fingers are all crooked from breaking them during sports, but they still worked for me!!! These rings are a mixture of 2 different sets, but they’re both affordable!! (Also looking at the pictures of the sets online just reminded me that I’ve lost a couple already, WHYYYY do I have to lose things so easily :/:/)

Set 1 of Rings Here –> click here!!

Set 2 of Rings here –> click here!!

**Both sets of rings are 20% off now, you lucky ducks!!!**

Bath & Body Works Lotion


I ran into Bath & Body Works yesterday to grab some more lotion and I found this baby. It seriously smells sooooo good. It smells like a beach party with coconuts and the ocean hehe. Definitely recommend 🙂

Bali Blue Surf Lotion Here –> click here!!

**Also what the heck they have way better deals online than in store, so definitely purchase there!!**

Target Tye Dye, Crochet, Dress

LOVE this dress you guys!!! :):):) I found it at Target for super cheap and it was a perfect dress for my April bday!!! It’s super comfy and flowy and pretty. The only reservation I had was the top of it a lil bit. It’s a really pretty crochet, v-neck top and I love it but it’s impossible to wear a normal bra with. Between the deep v-neck and the sides, it’s just not happening. If you have a bralette that matches the dress, you’d be good but I didn’t. So I just wung it. It turned out all good it was just kinda scary because I’ve never worn a top like that, that way if you know what I’m sayin. I wore a size small and I’m 5’5 🙂

Maxi Dress w/ Crochet Here –> click here!!

**On the picture online, it says womens dress then it says Juniors in parenthesis, so definitely read the description and use the size chart accordingly before you purchase online!!!**

Bang Pre-Workout Drink 


My go-to pre-workout drinks!! ‘Star Blast’ is definitely my new favorite flavor, but I really like a lot of different flavors!!! I’ve tried the Lemon Drop, Power Punch, Black Cherry Vanilla and they’re all good!!! I also tried the Blue Razz and I wasn’t a huge fan, it was more of a lighter blue raspberry if that makes sense? This one honestly tastes like those popsicles that are red, white and blue that everybody ate when they were younger in liquid form??? If that makes sense lol. I buy them at Complete Nutrition because it’s close to my gym and they’re almost 50% cheaper there than at my gym!!! They also sell it in a powder form if you prefer to buy it in bulk and mix it!!

Star Blast Pre-Workout Drink Here –> Click here!!

**The link takes you to Amazon to purchase a 12 pack for $2 each drink, which is even cheaper than what I get them at Complete Nutrition!! So if you burn through a bunch of them like I do, buy in bulk to save some extra $$$ (I’m definitely gonna do this from now on)

Premier Protein Shake


If you guys read my latest grocery haul post, then you already know the jist on these babies!!! If not, I’ll fill ya in!

I have been feelin’ these babies lately. This is the only flavor I have tried but they have a few other ones like Bananas & Cream, Vanilla, etc. They are actually really good and don’t have a chalky texture at all like some protein shakes do. They’re like $7 for 4 of them and each container has 30 g of protein, which is nice because hitting my protein goal is always the hardest macronutrient for me to hit. Highly recommend!!

Premier Protein Shake Here –> click here!!

**this link takes you to Amazon, but I buy them at Walmart for the same price!! Whichever is more convenient!**

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Paige 🙂 

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