Summer Cut Update #1!!! How I’ve lost 7 lbs so far :):):)

Hey guys!!! 

I’m almost 1 month into my summer cut and I figured I would share a little info with you guys on how I’m going about losing some lbs for the summer!!! I haven’t really sat down and ever talked to you guys about the ins and outs of my plans with my summer cut. I quickly talked about the general jist of it in one of my YouTube videos one time, but I wanted to give you details so you guys could gain some helpful info to go about your own cut if you ever wanted to 🙂

Starting Weight (April 18th — Left Picture): 152 lbs 

Current Weight (May 13th — Right Picture): 145 lbs 

**It’s important to note that I don’t base my progress based upon the number on the scale. I never have and I never will. I am simply tracking my weight to show you guys documentation of my progress to help you guys gain an understanding of the realistic amount of lbs shed in a given time frame. Some days my weight goes up, even when I’m feeling more lean than ever and that’s just how your body works sometimes (especially a females body since we store more water, have periods, etc.). NEVER base how fit you believe you are based on the number on the scale.**


Summer Cut Plans + Goals:

I plan on continuing my cut throughout the entire summer. I’m thinkin’ until like late September-ish, early October-ish, around the time the weather starts cooling down again! I don’t have a specific date in mind to end my cut because I just want to go off of how my body is feeling / looking! My main goal with my cut is to tone up my tummy, arms and quads. Once I’m happy with my progress towards those goals and how my body looks from my cut, I will either maintain that physique or I will begin my lean bulk again over the winter time to build up some muscle, primarily in my booty!!! It just depends on what I’m feelin’ at that time!

I also want you guys to know that I wasn’t unhappy with my body before. I actually was really happy with how my lean bulk went and how my booty was growing (lol). I felt healthy and active, I just wanted a new challenge and a new goal. I love pushing myself and seeing what my body can do! I honestly enjoy working out and sweating my ass off and the post workout endorphins. I love bettering myself, but I think it’s important to know how to love your body throughout all of its phases and weights, and I hope I can help you guys with that!!! Love yoself girl 🙂

Documenting my Progress:


I take ‘progress pics’ and do a weigh in every Monday morning. I always do this before I have ate / drank anything to get my true weight / true pictures of my body. I take my pics in about 5 different angles (front, back, right side, left side, arms flexed) so I can really compare my progress at the end of my cut!!

**Don’t forget to take your ‘before’ pics within the first couple days of your cut so you have documentation of your starting point**

It’s important to not overdue the progress pictures and the weigh-in’s because it might discourage you by not seeing drastic changes continuously. It’s important to keep in mind that you won’t see drastic changes right away!!! It takes time, and you have to be consistent with your training and your nutrition in order to see results! Don’t get discouraged!!!

How I’m Losing Weight (Nutrition + Training): 

I started my cut in a veryyyy moderate caloric deficit. I know my maintenance calories based upon my weight, activity level, etc. is around 2,100 calories per day. So I began my cut at around 1,850 calories a day just to ease into it. I wanted to take it slow so I didn’t go crazy or murder anybody from cutting calories. I lost a couple lbs at this caloric intake and once I felt my body was plateauing or adjusting to this caloric intake, I lowered my calories again to about 1,700 calories which is what I’m at now! After this week I will probably lower it just a lilll bit to around 1,600 – 1,650 calories a day. I adjust my macros accordingly to match my caloric intake and my goal of burning fat!!

I follow an IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) diet. If I’m craving pizza or pasta or fries, I eat it. I just eat it within moderation and I make sure it fits within my macros for that day. Following this diet has helped me keep my sanity, enjoy food and reach my goals at the same time!!! More info on the diet I follow is available in my customized guides (link below).

**Don’t forget if you guys need any help with calculating your macros, I offer plans that have healthy recipes and your own customized macros!!!!**

Available here –> click here!!

Along with being consistent with your nutrition, you also have to be consistent with your training!!! I generally workout 5-6 days per week. I train lower body 3 days and upper body 2-3 days! I usually go to 1 ‘All-American’ class per week they offer at my gym that is an hour long class of HIIT Training and light weight training that kicks my ass each time. I count this class as one of my upper body days and one of my cardio days because the floor training circuit always kills my shoulders, chest and forearms. Other than this class, for cardio, I usually walk around 1 mile a day whether it is walking Whiskey or walking to class (I take summer classes as well as regular classes during the Fall and Spring) or walking on the treadmill. I also do 15-20 minutes of just steady state (set on 1 moderate speed) on the Stairmaster around twice a week to get a good sweat going 🙂

Pros of My Cut:

I have finallyyyy noticed my tummy has began to tighten up (Hallelujah). Everybody is different, but I hold my fat in my lower stomach and my arms. I noticed my arms tightening up maybeee a couple weeks ago but my lower stomach has been a little stubborn poop head. I finally started to see results in my lower stomach this last week and it has been the leanest my tummy has ever been!! Those areas are always the last places for me to lose fat, so be patient and trust the process! I promise it’s worth it!!!

Cons of My Cut: 


During a cut, generally the main goal is to burn fat. The only crappy thing about burning fat is you don’t get to pick and choose where you want the fat to come off. So with losing fat in my arms and tummy, comes losing fat in my booty. Sometimes when people lose weight they notice their butt shrinks and that’s totally true most of the time because you’re also burning the fat on your booty which is making it appear smaller! This is why I do a lean bulk during the winter time, to build muscle in my booty and other areas so when I lean down in the summer time and lose fat, I have a muscular base built up to make it not appear so much smaller!!

I hope this post gave you guys a little more info on how to go about a cut!! If you have any further questions, feel free to send me an email at or reach out to me on social media!!! I love hearing from you guys and answering any questions you might have 🙂

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Sending SO Much Love | xoxoxo

Paige 🙂 



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