Boho Summer Decor Haul #1: Cheap Finds!!!!

Happy Rainy Wednesday!!


I’ve recently picked up a bunch of cute & cheap summer decorations from random stores I’ve wandered into and wanted to share them with you guys! Since it’s raining/storming here in Nebraska all day, it was the perfect day to grab a blanket, my dog, a healthy snack and make a fun blog post :):)

Everybody who knows me knows I’m a decoration junkie and I love every holiday / season, so here’s some cheap finds for me fellow decor lovers 🙂

BTW: I titled this haul #1 because I still have some empty spaces on the wall and some random stuff I still wanna pick up, so once I find some more goods I’ll upload ‘Summer Decor Haul #2’ for you guys!!

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Summer Kitchen Towels


(ignore the paint on our patio table, that was from me crafting the boho bookshelf listed below! #messy)

I bought all of these towels for crazy cheap at Walmart, like I’m talkin’ $1 per towel cheap!!!! They have a bunch of different colors, designs and sayings to choose from, so it’s all about your preferred patterns and color schemes 🙂

It looks like these are in store purchases only!!! They’re in the section with all of the summer cups, towels, etc. Grab a couple before they run out 🙂

Pink Floral Pillow

Quick lil story: I tried to get Whiskey to take a cute picture with the pillow since he ALWAYS lays on our pillows like he’s a little human. But of course when I need him to be chill he’s too hyper and just wants to play, so I ended up only getting a blurry picture of him begging for Kc’s cereal and looking like he hates every second of sitting still. He definitely has a mind of his own!!

But I found this pillow at Target for $5 in the discount bins that are always at the front of the store!! Perfect little summer accent to our black rocker! Just so you guys know, all of the items that are in the cheap bins at Target usually are in store only sales and aren’t on the website, so run into your local Target to grab them!!!

Light Up String Flamingos


These light up string flamingos are definitely my favorite item I picked up!!! They’re crazy cute AND they were only $5! I found them at Target in those same bins I found the pillow and the the wall decor (listed below). They also had pineapple string lights and margaritas and a couple other shapes and it was an unnecessarily hard decision for me to choose which ones I wanted, but the flamingos won.

 I have them hanging from our main shelf that I put all of the decor on in our living room and it’s a perfect touch!! They’re hanging from those hooks because this is also where we hang our stockings during Christmas! We were gonna take the hooks out after Christmas, but I always seem to have something cute to hang or string along for every season / holiday so they’re actually super handy 🙂

‘Aloha, Happy Hour, Cocktails’ Wall Decor



Love the beachy vibe of this wall decor!! Plus the way that I have it hanging on the wall has ‘cocktails’ pointing to our kitchen and we always seem to have some yummy mixes on hand so it all works out 🙂 This was only $3 from Target in those same bins!

Boho Rug


I actually got this rug from Kohl’s last summer. I wanna say it was around $30-$40! It ties together so well with all of the other decorations I am showing you guys that I wanted to include it in this post also! I put this rug by our kitchen sink since we have wood flooring in the kitchen to help avoid water spills on the floor!

I couldn’t find the exact same rug online, so I linked below a couple alternatives I really liked! They have SO many rugs on this website, so just look through some of them and find a cheap one you like!!! I always customize the search to under $50 to save some time!! 🙂 

Cute Pineapple Rug –> Click Here!

Similar Striped Rug –> Click Here!

Little More Expensive, But SUPER Cute –> Click Here!

Baby Blue Crate Bookshelf


I actually crafted this bad boy by myself. It was really easy & cheap and comes in handy all of the time!! I have the bookshelf in our living room right now since it’s almost summer and it matches the other decor we got goin’ on in there (otherwise I put it in our office during the fall / winter time) I just placed it right next to our couch, put a little burlap on the top and some coasters and now it’s a handy place to put a drink or a snack plate! If you guys are interested in how I went about making the bookshelf, prices and where to find the items I used, check out my post ‘DIY Boho Bookshelf’

‘Boho Bookshelf’ Link Here –> Click Here!

Mason Jar Light Lanterns



I picked up both of these lanterns at Michaels! I couldn’t decide which color I wanted more, the pink & purple or the orange & red, so I just got them both : / I’m really happy I did buy two of them because they pair really well together when I’m decorating. I usually put one mason jar on a candle holder and place the other one on the same table right next to it so they aren’t the same height! I personally like them being staggered 🙂 They’re a perfect rustic, summer decor item!!!

I couldn’t find these on the Micheal’s website either, so I listed below a couple of my favorite alternative lanterns 🙂 The first link is a little more pricey and the second one is very affordable!

Baby Blue Lanterns –> Click Here!

Alternative Pink Candle Lantern –> Click Here!

**Summer Lanterns 40% off Coupon –> Click Here!

This coupon is really confusing because it shows the lantern I have on the coupon, but I can’t find it on the website 😦 

‘Garden Rain’ Candle


I picked this candle up last night from Walmart for almost $5! I loooove candles but they can be so dang expensive sometimes, so once I saw one for $5 I gave it a try! I’ve been burning it this morning and it smelly yummy, holds its scent and doesn’t burn quickly! It’s a perfect spring scent and I would definitely recommend for a cheap candle 🙂

Choose your Preferred Size Here –> Click Here!

Flying Pig Decor 


Right as soon as I saw this flying pig I had to have it for some reason. I picked it up at Micheal’s and I always have it on our stove year round. It ties in well with our kitchen theme and especially with our boho summer decor!!

***Available in Store Only (Clearance Item)***

Boho Picture Frame


I loooove this picture frame!!! I picked it up at Michael’s and filled it with one of the only printed off pictures I had at the moment of me and Kc. I’ve wanted to replace the picture for so long because it was taken 3 years ago and we’ve had so many better quality / better pics taken since then. But at the same time I like how old the picture is and how little we look, so I probably won’t ever change it 🙂

***Available in Store Only (Clearance Item)***

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