Ground Beef Soft Shell Taco: Recipe & Nutrition Info

Hey guys!


Here’s a healthy lil recipe for your Friday afternoon!!! Me and Kc decided to cook up some ground beef for lunch today and while Kc made a taco salad, I wanted to make some tacos!!! Since everybody loves Mexican food (you’re crazy if you don’t ; ) I figured I would share this super easy, quick and healthy recipe with you guys! I’ll make it super quick and simple because I hate when I find a recipe I wanna cook and I have to scroll through a bunch of pics and words! So here you go 🙂

The ingredients, recipe and nutrition info listed below is based upon the amount of tacos I consumed. So they are for 1 person and are 1 serving only (3 tacos). If you are wanting to prepare them for more people just add more ingredients accordingly!


  • 6 oz ground beef
  • 3 corn tortillas
  • 2 TBSP salsa
  • 1/4 chopped avocado
  • a lillll bit of chopped onion (the fraction I used was crazy small)
  • 3 Dorito chips (you guys do NOT have to include this lol, Kc just made that taco salad and he was using Doritos in that and they looked really good and I wanted a lil crunch on my tacos and it fit my macros)
  • optional: lettuce, tomato, peppers, etc. add any veggies you like!


  1. cook thawed hamburger in a medium sized skillet over medium-high heat
  2. cook hamburger until it is cooked all of the way through (no gooey pink center)
  3. chop and stir hamburger as you are cooking it to ensure it cooks evenly
  4. once the hamburger is cooked, strain the hamburger with a strainer over the sink
  5. divide 6 oz of cooked ground beef evenly into 3 corn tortillas
  6. divide veggies (avocado, onion, any additional ones you choose) evenly
  7. top with salsa and crushed Doritos if you choose to do so!
  8. serve & enjoy!

Nutrition (per 3 tacos):

540 calories | 42 g carbs | 24 g fat | 39 g protein | 371 mg sodium | 6 g sugar | 8 g fiber

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Paige 🙂 

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