My Latest Favorites: Fitness, Beauty, Accessories, snacks, books, etc.!!!!

Happy Hot A$$ Summer Day!!!

I wanted to take a lil break from customizing meal plans and share some of my latest favorites with you guys!!! This favorites post is a lil mix of everything: summer make up bags, summer nails, my go-to healthy snack and my go to book, and a whole bunch more!!! The whole sha-bang. I don’t want to limit my ‘favorites’ to the basic beauty products posts you see everywhere, I wanted to share my favorites in a bunch of different categories with you guys 🙂  I hope you enjoyyyy 🙂

lilac summer nails


I’ve had acrylics on for a couple months now and I can’t imagine having anything else because I’m in love. The last time I went in for a fill I was sick of all of the normal nail polish colors and I wanted to try something different! (I don’t know about your nail salons but mine seems to have more shades of shellac that I like than regular nail polish) I went with this lilac shellac color and I’m now hooked on shellac acrylics. It’s literally almost double the flippin price of a normal fill 😦 but the top coat of the shellac doesn’t chip like the normal nail polish so they stay looking slick and pretty until you need your next fill!!! I don’t know the exact name or number of this color but I get my nails done at Tips & Toes here in Lincoln, NE so just browse through their shellac options if you ever stop in 🙂

summer pool friendly make up bag


Most of you guys who have been following me for a while know I have an Ipsy subscription! Each month I get 5 mini beauty products in a different styled mini make up bag for only $10 a month! I HAD to share this June edition bag I got this month! It’s a lil mini, summer make up bag that is the perfect size to tote around your touch up items like mascara, eyeliner, highlight, etc. PLUS it’s that plastic-y material that you can take to the pool and it doesn’t get wet!!! Super cute. Definitely my go to bag at the moment 🙂

Anastasia Glow Kit


The ultimate highlight kit of highlight kits. I honestly don’t drop loads of cash on makeup. I usually just buy my necessities and call it good. Buuuuut I had a couple Sephora gift cards from Christmas and my bday (don’t judge our Sephora in town is really far from my house hehe) and this is one of the palettes I picked up and I’m IN LOVE. My go to make up look at the moment is a pretty glowy summer look so I’ve been lovin’ highlighters lately. The highlight shades are super pigmented and they’re gorgeous colors!! It’s a lil pricey but seriously so worth it!!! (Plus it will last you forever!)

My FAV Date Night Summer Outfit


Before me and Kc took our mini vaca to Illinois I wanted to pick up some cute summer dresses or skirts. Or anythang that would fit and was cute honestly because NONE of my cute summer clothes fit from last year. So I went to Charlotte Russe and found this really pretty lilac maxi skirt!!! It was only $15 and had a slit in the side so your legs can breathe lol. I paired it with a long floral bralette from American Eagle!! It was only $15 as well 🙂 And I just wore my basic, black, Old Navy flip flops and some simple jewelry! Cute, summery and cheap!!! Sorry I don’t have a better pic of my whole outfit but I’m planning on doing a summer fashion haul post with hella pictures so I will definitely feature this outfit in that post with better pictures for you guys! 🙂

My Go-To Healthy Breakfast


I’ve been on a waffle kick lately and I saw these at Russ’s Market the other day when I picking up a couple of things and wanted to try them out!! They’re seriously good waffles for being frozen. They’re thicker than the usual frozen waffles and they taste good!! I usually eat 2 of these waffles with a lil honey drizzled on them almost every morning with 2 eggs and a couple slices of diced up ham!

marble phone popsocket


I’m obsessed with my ‘popsocket’ (I guess it’s officially called) I have always just called it my phone bop thing lol. I have the iPhone 6+ so it’s a pretty big thang and is hard to keep in my hands sometimes, ESPECIALLY when I’m texting with one hand. The popsocket has made it so much easier to carry my phone, take pics, play with when I’m bored and to prop up and take videos on my phone with + a bunch of other random stuff!!! There’s a BUNCH of cute ones online and in a bunch of stores!! I bought mine at Target 🙂

My Current Read: Sanctum


In between the craziness I try to make some time for reading! If you guys read my latest book recommendations post then you saw me mention the book ‘Asylum.’ Wellll there’s like 3 sequels to that book and ‘Sanctum’ is the second book in the series!!! And YES it is just as good as the first book! If you love mysterious books with creepy pics then this one is perfect for you!! I would recommend buying them off of Amazon to save a lil bit of $$$

Read my book recommendations post for more info on the series!!! 🙂 click here!

cajun snack mix


I picked up this trail mix at Walmart for like $5 for the whole bag!! Usually nuts are crazy expensive, but this mix isn’t too pricey!! They’re a flavorful snack that has a lot of healthy fats and a lil protein. It’s perfect for an on the go snack, I took it with us on our 7 hr road trip to Illinois to try to stay a lil healthy ; )

Client Spotlight


Of course I HAD to include these client transformation pics in my latest favorites post!! Mackenzie is one of my clients who as lost 47 lbs with the help of my meal plan!!! When she first purchased the plan she told me she had a goal to lose around 50 lbs for a Hawaii vacation she is taking next month and she completely killed it!!! So proud of ALL of my clients, but this transformation is AMAZING!!!

DON’T FORGET about my summer promotion I have going on right now!!! I’m offering 25% off all of my plans now thru Sunday, so today is the LAST DAY to grab a 7 day meal plan for only $34 and an 8 week booty guide for only $27!!!

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Paige 🙂 

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