Summer Grocery Haul: IIFYM on a college budget!!!

Happy Tuesday!! 🙂 

I went grocery shopping on Sunday to stock up on the goods and I figured I would share with you guys some of the current foods I’m eating!! I get bored / burnt out on foods pretty easily and quickly so I’m always switching it up! This haul will probably last 1 week in my household. As most of you guys know, I live with my boyfriend and he swipes some of my snacks sometimes. He usually avoids the fruit (lol) and the chicken, but the other items he usually snacks on! All of the items I got came to be around $100 (I also had to get stuff like Pam) but if you think about it I won’t eat out all week long. So that would equal out to me spending around $14 a day on food. And that includes full meals + snacks PLUS I’m staying on track because I’m making the items myself and know dang near the exact macros of each item! Definitely worth it 🙂

a couple things to keep in mind:

  1. I follow an IIFYM diet: if I’m craving something and I have room within my macros to eat it, I will! Being healthy isn’t meant to be torture. It doesn’t mean you can never eat the foods you crave, you just have to eat them in moderation!! Since I follow this diet, some of the foods listed below (cereal, potato salad, mashed potatoes, etc.) probabllyyyy wouldn’t be put into the ‘clean eating’ category. But as long as I eat them in moderation and they fit my macros, I still stay on track with reaching my goals!
  2. I picked up my groceries from Walmart so that is what the pricing is based upon 🙂
  3. I already have some items on hand like rice, bread, waffles that I didn’t need to pick up! So I will be eating some stuff I already have at home throughout the week as well!
  4. Some random things not pictured: I also bought some almonds (that Kc ate already), brown eggs, chicken breasts, avocados, apples, a watermelon, bananas, grapes and some sugar free Red Bulls. I don’t promote Red Bulls at all but I wanted to keep it real with you guys! I need some energy sometime and I have been into these lately. Try to swerve caffein if you can!
  5. I offer customized nutrition guides!! If you are feeling confused about nutrition and how to go about reaching your goals, these are perfect for you!! Plus the meal plan is completely customized for you specifically and it’s super cheap!

for more info on nutrition guides click here –> click here!

Skippy Peanut Butter with Honey


I love this peanut butter! I swear by the peanut butter with the honey in it you guys!!! I usually use peanut butter on toast with a sliced banana on top or on some rice cakes or in a shake! I use it for a bunch of different things, in moderation though!! The fats can add up quickly if you eat a lot of it 🙂



I picked up a couple red & orange peppers for pretty cheap at Walmart!! I like eating them raw with ranch or cooking and seasoning them on the grill to add to a stir fry type of dish!!

Jamba Juice Caribbean Passion Smoothie


I love these smoothies in the summer time!! They’re only like $3 a package and it tastes so good!!! They make a couple different flavors but the Caribbean Passion flavor is by far my favorite!! I like blending them in the blender with some unsweetened almond milk and sometimes I’ll add 1/2 a banana to make it more creamy if that’s what I’m feeling! Be careful to not eat a bunch in 1 day because the package has a decent amount of sugar in it!

Maple Brown Sugar Mini Wheats


This is by far the best flavor for mini wheats!! Sometimes when I’m feeling something sweet and I have a decent amount of carbs left for the day I’ll eat this cereal! I just put them in a bowl with the unsweetened almond milk!



If you guys read my last favorites post (click here to read!) then you heard all about my favorite waffles at the moment! Whenever I eat those waffles I drizzle a lil honey on them for some sweetness! I usually eat that in the morning with some eggs 🙂


I had to take a lil break from sweet potatoes because I was burnt out, but I’m back n at it with em. I like cooking them normally (at 400 degrees for about 50-60 minutes) with a lil bit of cinnamon and light brown sugar or I really want to try cooking them like fries (dicing them in small cubes and putting a lil bit of extra virgin olive oil and seasoning on them) to make them crispy! I’ll let you guys know how that one turns out ; ) But I like them as a side dish for some healthy carbssss



Just your basic carrots. I like buying them in these small packages so I can just bring one with me on the go easily! Sometimes I eat them with ranch, sometimes I don’t just depends on the day! I also bought some avocados that aren’t pictured 🙂



LOVE these popchips!! Tangy BBQ is my favorite, but I like all of the flavors! They have the cheddar and sour cream and onion flavors that are good too!! They are a good alternative to your regular chips and they actually taste good so win win!



I bought hella fruit you guys! I love the fruit during the summer time!! I got some cherries, a watermelon, apples, bananas and grapes!

Protein Shake


You guys already know I picked up a package of these protein shakes. Still obsessed!

Salmon + Protein


I picked up some salmon, brown eggs and chicken breasts for some protein!! We already have a bunch of ground beef so I didn’t grab that as well but I normally would! We always cook the salmon on the grill with some pink Himalayan salt, pepper, garlic salt and other random seasonings!

Potato Salad


I’ve been on a potato salad kick lately and this is by far the best flavor! I like my potato salad with egg and mayo and for it to be really sweet so that’s why I like this one 🙂 Me and Kc both eat it as a side dish in moderation!

Mashed Potatoes


I’m not a huge mashed potato person, but Kc really likes them. I like buying them in these small pre-packaged containers because they are a good size for 1 serving! They’re not terrible for you, just allow some room in your macros for them if you love mashed potatoes!

I hope you guys enjoy some of these ‘healthy eating’ items!! 🙂

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Paige 🙂 

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