How to Get Out of A Fitness Plateau: Why You’re Not Seeing Anymore Progress!!!!


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This morning I wanted to talk to you guys about one of THE most annoying and frustrating problems you will run into when you are going about your fitness journey: hitting a plateau. I know everybody has been there, you are eating right, you’re hitting your macros, you’re hitting the gym frequently, you’ve already seen a bunch of progress and then all of a sudden you’re stuck. You’re no longer seeing progress, you’re no longer feeling as sore with your workouts, and you’re getting frustrated, mad, sad, (whatever emotions you may have going on 😉 And a lot of times I find that reaching this plateau actually causes a lot of people to give up on their goals. They just think “Oh, well I guess this is all my body can do” or “this is too frustrating, I’m done.” Well you don’t have to go through allll these crazy emotions because I’ll hook a sista up on how to get out of these standstill’s!!!

You might not actually be in a caloric deficit!

First things first when it comes to a cut: you gotta be in a caloric deficit!!! In order to lose weight you need to be burning off more calories throughout the day than you are consuming! The first thing you need to do when you’re in a cut is calculate your macros according to your goals and body. A moderate caloric deficit is around 300-400 calories below your maintenance calories. An intensive caloric deficit would be around 500-700 calories below your maintenance calories! A very very basic starting point when it comes to calculating your caloric deficit is taking your body weight x14-16 (depending) and subtracting that number by 300-400 calories to begin a cut in a moderate deficit. I recommend starting in a moderate deficit and then slowly subtract your calories by 100ish every time you feel you are reaching a plateau. DON’T FORGET to adjust your macros accordingly! Each macronutrient (protein, fats, carbs) plays a vital role in your success 🙂

You might not be eating enough!

You’re gonna think I’m crazyyyy for this point but I view under eating in my mind as more damaging to your body than eating too much. When you aren’t taking in enough calories you are going to feel fatigued very quickly. You’re body doesn’t have enough fuel (food) to provide you with the necessary energy you need to complete tasks throughout your day. You may feel light headed easily, feel anxious, really weak and really hungry!! When you are under eating your body is not getting the necessary nutrients and vitamins it needs. You could be losing hair and feeling shaky. NEVER starve your body. When your body isn’t getting all the calories it needs your body can enter into ‘starvation mode.’ When your body hits this mode it is literally storing fat to feed off of because your body doesn’t know when your next meal is going to be. You may notice your body is storing more fat and losing muscle because it’s lacking key nutrients. Let’s just avoid all of these problems and eat enough calories ; ) I usually recommend to never dip your calories lower than 1,300 calories a day.

You may not have your macros adjusted accordingly!

I know this is also going to sound crazy, but you need to consume fat in order to burn fat. BUT that rule applies with healthy (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) fats NOT saturated fats and trans fats (those are your bad fats). A lot of people go on ‘low fat’ diets because most people have been told their whole lives how bad fats are for you! This is true for your bad fats, but your body needs your healthy fats! Healthy fats are found in avocados, almonds, salmon, nuts, tuna, edamame, etc. Your bad fats are the fats found in McDonald’s fries, Oreos, desserts (the good stuff hehe). New, healthy fats literally help break down the fat already stored in your body and cycle it out. So not all fats are bad!! With that being said, consuming enough proteins and carbs are also essential for your body! You need protein to help build and repair your muscles! DON’T be scared of protein!! I know a lot of girls associate consuming protein with having big, bulky muscles but that’s totally not true. Even if your goal is to tone up, you need to consume a decent amount of protein! And finally our carbs provide us with energy!! Carbs are the first source of energy our body uses and are good for us in moderation!

You’re body may be too stressed!

When I say this, I’m not talking about just a little stress here and there about small things. I’m talking about a couple different types of stress. First I’m talking about the people who are literally stressed out all day long and are constantly worrying about their stress. This may be about a job, looking after kids all day, finals week, etc. This type of stress can consume you and it is really hard on your body. Second I’m talking about how your body may be stressed out from too much cardio and being overworked. Stress can cause headaches, high blood pressure, fatigue, little to no sleep, and it can cause your body to store fat. It’s really important to listen to your body when it’s tired. It’s not a bad thing to give it a couple rest days here and there to rejuvenate and relax! When you are stressed it’s important to take some time for yourself. Take a long bath, go to a yoga class, read a book. Whatever it is that calms you down, make time for it! Your body will thank you!

It may just be time to change up your workout routine!

Intensity and diversity with your workouts is everything!! If you have been using the exact same workout routine for the last 2-3 months and you saw progress the first month but haven’t seen any since, you need to switch up your workout routine!! It’s important to always be adding different exercises to your routine to continue to shock your muscles. Your body can literally adjust to almost anything and once it becomes comfortable with your routine, your progress is going to plateau. Add new exercises, engage in HIIT workouts, try a new workout class, always look for ways to improve!!

It may just be time to adjust your macros!

I touched base a little bit on this point earlier. This point is for those people who have been sticking to your macros and training consistently, you have been changing up your workout routine, your macros are adjusted correctly and you’re STILL in a plateau. DON’T give up, it’s an easy fix!!! Like I said in the last point, your body adjusts to dang near anything. And at this point your body has just adjusted to your macros. No big deal!!! Simply lower your caloric intake by 100 calories or so and adjust your macros accordingly (if your goal is losing weight)! Usually if you’re in a cut, take the calories out of your carbs. This is a veryyy general rule, everybody’s body is different! Continue to do this until you have reached a point where you are comfortable with your progress and your body and then just maintain!!

I hope these points helped you guys out if you’re in a progress plateau!! If you took away anything I hope it’s that food is your friend girl! Never starve your body. That is a quick fix that will only last a couple months or so. A lot of people end up gaining the weight (sometimes plus some) right back because it becomes exhausting. Never give up on your goals 🙂

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