How To Grow A Booty 101: Complete Break Down


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I have a lot of ladies that come to me asking for advice on how to grow or tone their booty. So I figured it was a good time to make a blog post dedicated to all things glutes: nutrition, workouts, general breakdown, etc. Here is a full guide on how to grow or tone your booty!!

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First thangs first: your booty is made up of three muscles: gluteus minimus, gluteus medius, gluteus maximus. Incorporating exercises into your workouts that work all three of these muscles is essential if you want to build a full & round booty.

Nutrition Info:

In order to grow or tone your booty you need to be training glutes AND you NEED to have your diet in check! Whatever dieting ‘technique’ you follow whether it’s counting your macros, clean eating, intuitive eating, etc. you have to adjust your diet to match your current fitness goals! For example, if your main goal is to grow your booty (build muscle) then you need to adjust your diet so you are in a caloric surplus. So just calculate your maintenance calories (calories you need to consume to maintain your current weight) and add a couple hundred calories to be in a surplus. I always recommend to ease into it. Whether I’m in a surplus or a deficit I like to start out by adding or subtracting 200 or 300 calories and then I gradually subtract or add as I go!

Based on a popular study, to find your maintenance calories you take your body weight and times it by 14. This is a very general calculation and may not be dead on but it’s a good starting point. So for myself I weigh 144 lbs. So I take 144 x 14 = 2,016 which means 2,016 calories is roughly what I should consume in a day to maintain my weight. So if I was trying to grow a booty (gain muscle) I would start out eating around 2,200 calories a day and adjust my macros accordingly (higher carbs & protein, lower fats). Lift heavy, heavy, heavy. More weight, lower reps. I usually do 4 sets of 8-10 reps. TIRE your muscles out!!

Now same jist if you are wanting to tone your booty. If you are happy with your current physique and would just like to tone up your glutes I would recommend to stay at maintenance calories or go a little below and adjust your current training split to focus more on your glutes (same with any glute goals). Lift heavy, burn out your glutes. I usually do 4 sets of 10-12 reps.

If you are wanting to shed some lbs and tone your booty then you need to be in a caloric deficit. Do the same thing as earlier, calculate your maintenance calories except this time subtract a couple hundred. So I would start out a caloric deficit at around 1,800 calories a day. Adjust your macros accordingly: higher protein & fats, lower carbs. Perform a few more reps but still lift heavy! As always, tire your glutes out!! I usually do 3 or 4 sets of 10-12 reps but I also do a lot of supersets. So once I finish one exercise I go straight into a different exercise to keep my heart rate up.

**Your macro adjustments can vary based upon the person. Some people can be in a deficit and prefer to still give themselves more carbs and a little less fats. Some peoples bodies just run better / different than others and it all depends!!**

My Favorite Glute Exercises:

  1. Hip Thrusts. People will swear that this is one of the best glute exercises of all time. It’s a killer and I love doing it at the end of a glute workout to completely burn out those muscles. Keep your head facing forward, knees and toes straight and push through your glutes. Squeeze your booty at the top of the movement!! Currently, I like to do 3 or 4 sets of 10-12 reps of all of these exercises. And lift HEAVY!!
  2.  RDL’s (Romanian Dead Lifts). RDL’s have been a favorite of mine ever since I got into the gym thing. They’re a great glute & hamstring exercise and I always feel the burn from them. It’s key to keep your back straight, knees and toes pointed forward, and extend through your glutes. Really focus on your glutes moving the weight. Squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement. Try to not dip down much lower than your knees to prevent back injury.
  3. Cable RDL’s. New favorite!!! I don’t know what it is about these babies but I love doing RDL’s on the cables now. Same thing with RDL’s, keep your back straight and extend through your glutes. Squeeze your booty at the top of the movement.
  4. Cable Pull Thru’s. Great glute isolation work out!! Might look a little awkward / sexual but we’re not out here to look pretty and cute 😉 Extend the weight through your glutes and keep your back straight (really important for this exercise so you don’t tweak your back) Squeeze glutes at the top of the movement!
  5. Box Squats. This exercise isn’t just beneficial for the booty!! I honestly don’t really like squats but I really like this squat variation. Keep your knees and toes pointed forward and shoulder width apart. Squat onto a bench or any hard surface that allows you to get to a 90 degree (or close) angle. Pause on the surface and push the weight back up through your glutes. You can perform this on the Smith Machine or solo, it’s up to you! I like doing it on the Smith Machine because your girl doesn’t have great balance, especially when some heavy shit is on my back :):) (This video was recorded during my lean bulk over the winter and was a part of my 8 week booty program guide. I didn’t perform the exercise with any weight so my weight choice wouldn’t influence my clients weight choice. Otherwise I lift heavy!!)
  6. Smith Machine Donkey Kicks. Love this variation of a donkey kick!! I like regular donkey kicks but I’ve always wanted to add weight to them and sometimes a dumbbell is just annoying and in the way. So I love doing them on the Smith Machine where I can add some weight and have full mobility to perform the entire movement!! On hands and knees, extend bar up as far as you can by using your glutes and slowly come back down.


  7. Cable Kick Backs. Use your glutes to extend your leg backwards while keeping your abs tight!!
  8. Curtsy Lunges. Curtsy lunges are a great exercise to burn out your gluteus medius! They also help strengthen your hip abductors and adductors!! Plus they’re a fun lunge variation 🙂

Fun Facts:

  • The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle group in your booty AND in your whole body! Which is crazy to think about actually. Beforehand I always thought it had to be your quads or some leg muscle but nope!!! It’s the gluteus maximus!
  • All of the exercises listed above are included in videos I post on Instagram as well! My new goal is to post 3 videos of my workouts per week on Insta to share with you guys!! Go follow me on Instagram to see more of my favorite exercises & what I’m doing in the gym!!
  • The exercises listed above are also all part of my 12 week program (Fit for Fall? I haven’t decided a fun name yet 🙂 I’m putting together!! I’m SO flippin’ excited to get it done and out there for you guys. It’s going to be a full 12 week program with 5 days per week of complete workouts + videos. Each day will train a different muscle group (one day may be quads & glutes, the next may be back & biceps, etc.) It’s a full body challenge!!! Focused on leaning out and shedding some lbs and feeling comfortable in your own skin!! I’m literally writing down (& recording) all of my workouts I do each day during my ‘summer cut’ and that’s the 12 week programs workouts!! It’s guaranteed to work (if you follow it correctly) because it’s everything I’m doing right now and I’ve lost 10 lbs and toned up a crazy amount since I started!! (See my summer cut update blog posts for more info on my summer cut + results 🙂 It will also have a bunch of nutrition info, healthy recipes, info on how to follow whichever diet plan YOU choose, I want to do a fun Facebook community group where all the gals can chat with each other, and I want to do weekly check-in’s to see how things are going!! My goal is to have it done by the end of summer BUT I am not rushing it. I want it to be completely perfect when it’s released so stay tuned!!! YAY :):):)

Hopefully this post helped you have a better understanding on how to reach all of your glute goals!! If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to me! Usually when one person has a question on something, a few more do!! So I could include the answer in this post for other people as well 🙂

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