All Things Beauty: Make-Up, Fashion, Accessory Favs!

Happy Sunny Wednesday!!! :):)

I haven’t wrote an updated beauty haul / favorites post in a while.. so I decided it was a good time to round up some of my favorite, recent pick-up’s and share them with you guys!!

Sometimes I get so focused on my fitness journey and writing helpful fitness blog posts that I forget how much I love beauty, fashion, reading, decor, DIY typa stuff as well!!

It’s crazy to think when I first started my blog the majority of my posts were actually dedicated to fashion. As time went by and people started becoming interested in my fitness journey, my blog became a lot more dedicated to fitness. I love fitness.. and honestly I think I love helping people with their fitness journey even more, but there’s something about writing posts dedicated to the other things I love that really calms me and makes me happy. For some reason fitness kind of stresses me out. And I want to get back to a place where it’s a fun hobby and a passion.. not a stressor! So here’s a fun beauty / fashion / accessories post to clear my mind on this Wednesday morning 🙂



If these don’t scream ’90’s child’ I don’t really know what does! I personally like wearing scrunchies as an accessory on my wrist rather than actually wearing them in my hair.. but it’s all up to you girl!! I found this 3 pack of scrunchies at Francesca’s last week and had to have it! People who know me know how much I love baby pink and neutral colors so the light pink and tan scrunchies were right up my alley!! The hunters green w/ a floral accent scrunchy is always a fun one to have on hand too 🙂 I found this 3 pack in stores and I believe they had just put them out on the shelf that day.. so that may be why I can’t find them online! But I have linked the Francesca’s website that has a bunch of other cute ones available down below!!! (I love the velvet scrunchies & they have a similar 3 back of neutral colors available as well!) Check it out 🙂

scrunchy website link –> click here!

Blue & Silver Boho Bracelet


I actually picked this bracelet up a few months ago from American Eagle but I always find myself gravitating towards it on a night out. I love the color of the stones and the overall boho vibe. The only downfall (for myself) is that the bracelet doesn’t bend at all and I have small wrists. So I have to place it a little higher up on my arm for it to stay in place and even then it sometimes slides around. Other than that, it’s a super cute bracelet that accents a lot of outfits nicely 🙂

Since I purchased this one a couple months back, they no longer have it available on their website. But check out their other bracelets!!! This is where I get almost ALL of my bracelets because they’re super cute, don’t fall apart, and are usually buy 1 get 1 50% off!!

bracelets website link –> click here!!

Black Magic Mascara


I got this mascara in my Ipsy bag last month (I believe) and it’s been my new go-to!! I love mascara that has this brush shape (the cuved ‘U’ shape). This brush shape just always works the best to lift and volumize my lashes! Let me know what your favorite mascara is!!! 🙂

mascara website link –> click here!!

Delectable Triple Moisture Body Lotion (Coconut & Cream)


You guys, this is my favorite lotion I have EVER used in my entire life. It is super soft, like I’m talking crazy soft. It’s also a very thin but yet hydrating formula, if that makes sense? A lot of times whenever I buy a hydrating lotion it’s a thick formula. Usually the thick formula feels like too much on my skin and I’ve even had a lotion make my legs get these little bumps on them from the formula being too thick. It’s a perfect hydrating, super soft, thin formula that has a light coconut / vanilla-y scent! PLUS it’s cruelty free, yay :):)

The lotion is pretty cheap, but the cost of shipping is literally twice the amount of the lotion (huge bummer). It looks like they have a lot of lotions coming soon and a lot of things are in the works on their website so I’m hoping they can get the cost of shipping lowered soon so I can stock up on this product!

* If you try out any of the other lotions they sell on this website, let me know what you think!! I would love to hear how their other lotions are as well 🙂

lotion website here –> click here!!

Benefit Gimme Brow


Holy sh!t you guys, this product is game changing. I have never dove that deep into too many brow products becauuuuse honestly I have pretty thick, full brows. So when I do my makeup I just shape them a little bit and I’m good to go. So when I got this product in my ipsy bag I thought I would try it out since I probably wouldn’t usually buy something like this!

This product is a little brush (similar to the brow glue brush) with a tinted gel to dip it in. I usually just go ahead and fill my brows in and then use this tint to top it off and it makes your brows look so much bolder, fuller & better! I use the shade ‘Deep’ because my brows and lashes are pretty dark 🙂

‘Gimme Brow’ Link –> click here!!

Baby Yellow Tube Top


I picked up this baby yellow tube top (I don’t know if that’s an actual color, but that’s what I’m rollin’ with lol) from PacSun last week and I love it!!! I also bought a similar one in a light, pale pink color that is a little shorter and has a littttle bit more of a v shaped neck line. I really like the yellow colored tube top because it is a color that works for the summer to fall time transition as well as summer time!! It would be really cute paired with a cardigan and jeans or a jean skirt 🙂 I picked up both tube tops on the sale rack – they were only $12-ish each but I can’t find them online (probably because they were a summer item). Instead, I linked some similar tube tops below 🙂

nude top –> click here!!

black tube top –> click here!!

Pac Sun’s super cute tank tops link –> click here!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this ‘favorites’ post & got some ideas of new things to try 🙂

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