A Day in the Life: Kimmel Apple Orchard

Happy Sunday Guys!!! 🙂

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Me and Kc had a lil date day today and you guys know how much I love fall… so of course we had to go check out some fall stuff 🙂 I wanted to go to the Kimmel Orchard in Nebraska City today because I read on Facebook that they had a huge celebration going on with a BBQ truck, Scooters Coffee, Valentino’s pizza, a live band, wine samples and apple picking!!! So how can you go wrong, ya know!? I was ready to get my fall on.

We checked out this orchard briefly last year, but we kinda struck out because it was a bad season for apples so they didn’t have any apple picking going on.. so it wasn’t nearly as busy with the people and all the activities! But we really liked their apple doughnuts and wine tastings.. so we wanted to check it out again this year when they had it all goin’ onnnn!

Aaaaand we had kinda a mixed review on our experience. I do not want to seem like I’m talking badly about somebody’s business because I totally understand there are good days & bad days with stuff and that’s fine! This is just a blog post on our experience!! 

Pro’s: (you gotta always look at & concentrate on the positives)

Their apple doughnuts are seriously WAY too good. They’re apple flavored doughnuts that are covered in cinnamon sugar and they’re really yummy. They were really fresh, soft and were actually still warm in the box when I bought them!! Kc ate two when we were still standing in line – huge hit / hungry boy. I also snagged some caramel apples w/ nuts on them – my favvv!!


We had some brisket sandwiches that were really good! The food line was really long just because there were so many people there, but once we ordered we only waited probably 2 minutes to get our sandwiches. Put a lil BBQ sauce on that baby and you’re good to go. 


The orchard / farm had a cute, fall atmosphere with all of the desserts (fudge, pies, caramel apples, doughnuts, etc.) and the barns and the apples and pumpkins!! Fall is my favorite season and I love places that have a good fall atmosphere! Gimme fall



They had a wine / beer tasting station!! They had a whole list of wines to choose from – only bummer was they were out of the peach wine that I really wanted to try, but dats okkkk! I tried the apple, apple pie, cherry and hard cider since it was sample 4 for $5! My favorite was the cherry wine 🙂 Also, we got to keep our sampling glasses so that was cool because I love collecting glasses like these!



  • The place was CRAZY busy, like I’m talking way too busy. There were hundreds of people there and it was pretty crammed because they only have 1 building with their food, wine tasting, all of their desserts and jams & honeys.. all the good stuff. So it was pretty crammed and the lines to everything were reallyyyy long.. which is fine! You have to expect to wait at places like this because they’re popular! But they don’t really have enough space for that many people 😦
    • This also made parking kinda a pain in the a$$. They only have limited parking lots / overflow parking and it was all completely full! So we had to park on the side of the highway and it was a lil 15 minute walk to reach the entrance. Walking is good for you though, so it’s ok.
  • We were excited about the Scooters coffee and BBQ (I wanted a turkey leg real bad) and pizza, but we couldn’t find any of the trucks for them! So we just ended up eating in their one building in the front and the sandwiches we had were good, but we were kinda bummed we didn’t see them!
    • We ended up finding all of these thangs at the back of the farm. All of these vendors were kinda hidden and off to the side, so they weren’t easy to see. None of the vendors had lines at all either so it seemed like everybody was in the same boat as we were and didn’t really see them! So it was kinda a bummer 😦
  • The apples in the orchard were really picked over 😦 There were rows and rows of trees with no apples on them / or only had rotten apples. You had to pay $5 per person to even get into the orchard to pick the apples so that kinda sucked!!
    • Disclaimer: they did offer a hayrack ride that brought your around the orchard a little bit more that we didn’t go on! We didn’t have time to wait in line for the ride because Kc had to get back home to go to work, so maybe there would have been some more options then!
Kc getting ready to flash me in the middle of the orchard.. gotta keep it interesting 😉

At the end of the day, there were a couple little things that could change your experience and even your outlook on your day, but if you’re around the right people, keep a positive mind set and don’t let little things bum you out.. you’ll still have a good day! I’m blessed to be able to explore new things like this with somebody I love! Life is good 🙂

If you’re interested in checking out this orchard here is the address:

5995 G Rd Nebraska City NE – they also have a Facebook page with additional information like hours, events, etc.

Let me know if you guys check this place out & how your experience was!! Also, feel free to message me with your favorite fall places so we can check out some new things 🙂

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Paige 🙂

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