DIY Halloween Door Hanger!!

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Happy Monday My Pretties!!! 🙂

Since I’m still on fall break, I figured today would be a good day to do a fall DIY project! We don’t really have anything Halloween-y around the house to place our candy in, so I knew I wanted to make something that could hold the goods. I went to Walmart and found this white, distressed wooden, door hanger – I had this white, plastic pumpkin at home and that’s how we got this bad boy!!

This candy door hanger is perfect to hang on your door on Halloween so you can still hand out candy and be festive even if you’re not home or if you just want to enjoy a movie without getting up every 10 seconds to hand out candy!!

Here’s how to make this cheap, easy, Halloween, DIY door hanger:



  • 1 hanging white distressed, wooden slab (Walmart) 
  • 1 plastic, white pumpkin (Michael’s) 
  • 1 permanent black marker 
  • 1 X-Acto knife (Walmart)
  • 1 full set of stamps (Michael’s)
  • 1 black ink pad (Michael’s)
  • 1 printed pumpkin face stencil (find one on Google you like and print it!)
  • 1 pair of scissors 
  • 2 short nails 
  • 1 long nail 
  • 1 hammer
  • Think of a fun, Halloween quote you would like to stamp!
  • A few pieces of tape
  • Candy of your choice!!

*The items that don’t have a specific store after them are items you can find anywhere (but a lot of people will probably have them at home already!) I just placed store names behind some of the items that people may not know where to grab them at!


First, using your X-Acto knife (you guys absolutely need this bad boy! It was only 3$ at Walmart and made cutting the pumpkin super easy!! Most badass knife ever) cut the pumpkin in half. There is a pretty distinct line on the pumpkin where the two halves were glued together and I used that as a guide!


I’m pointing at the line that I used as a cutting guide so you guys can see what I’m talking about 🙂
Pumpkin cut in half!

Next, find a pumpkin face stencil online that you like! I knew I wanted to use the quote ‘Welcome My Pretties’ so I wanted my pumpkin face to be a little scarier / creepy than just the basic smily face you see, so I found one with scarier eyes! Once you find a stencil you like, print it off.

Using scissors, cut out the black parts of the stencil (eyebrows, eyes, mouth, etc.) I ended up not cutting out the eyebrows because I knew I would just botch them. I am terrible at cutting little shapes like those so I decided to not even attempt it. But if you’re feeling brave, go for it 😉

Once you have the face cut out, place it in the middle of your pumpkin and tape it on. Using a black permanent marker, outline the eyes and mouth. I shaded in the eyes and did not cut them out. I just outlined the mouth as a guide to cut along. Cut out the mouth suing your X-Acto knife.

*Keep in mind!!!! You need to make the mouth big enough to put candy in / fit your hand into. I did not keep this in mind when I found my stencil and drew it on my pumpkin so I had to freestyle the mouth last minute with the knife and make it almost twice as big which ended up in me cutting the teeth out and having a lot of anxiety! So learn from me and print off a stencil with a big enough mouth to avoid that whole sha-bang.


Next, place the pumpkin where you would like on the board. I put it towards the bottom because I wanted my quote to be at the top.. but feel free to mix it up and place the pumpkin and quote wherever you want to!

Once you know where you want everything to go, hammer a small nail at the top, in the middle and inside of the pumpkin. Hammer another small nail at the bottom, in the middle and on the inside of the pumpkin. The top nail is acting as a nail to hang the pumpkin on and the bottom nail is keeping the bottom of the pumpkin secured so you can add candy! I also hammered a long nail into the center of the stem at the top of the pumpkin to keep it in place. You may add any other addition nails you feel you may need!! Bob the builder that shit 🙂

That description might have been a little confusing so here’s some helpful pictures for you guys 🙂


Next, now that you have that baby cut, stenciled and secured on the board.. you can pick whatever quote you would like to stamp!

Here’s a few fun quotes if you’re stuck on what to pick: 

  • Welcome My Pretties 
  • It’s Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus 
  • Double Double Toil & Trouble 
  • Witch Better Have My Candy
  • Happy Halloween Witches
  • Wicked 
  • Trick or Treat 
  • Or you can put your last name on it!
    • Example: The Trauernicht’s, The Smith’s, etc. 

Once you have picked your quote, next you need to pick how you want to lay it out. Do you want it all in one straight line, in staggered lines, do you want the letters stamped on straight or stamped on in a curve, etc. I decided to stagger my quote into three lines and I honestly planned on stamping my quote on straight but it did not turn out that way! After the third letter in I noticed that wan’t going to happen so I just went with the staggered look and I think I actually liked it better!!

Finally, just add your candy of choice into the pumpkin’s mouth and you’re good to hang!!


If you already have a door hanger you love, no problem!! Just prop it up in the kitchen to act as a candy bowl! Then you can always move it to your porch and place it with your front porch decor on Halloween so the kids don’t have to ring your doorbell! Wherever you love it at the most, go with that girl!!


I hope this DIY door hanger gave you guys a fun, festive project idea!! If you re-create this door hanger.. share your creation with me via social media!! I would love to see your guys’ door hangers with your personalized touch!! Tag me on any social media platform listed below 🙂

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Paige 🙂

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