Get Fit with Me!!! A complete guide on how to reach your fitness goals! :) (4 week mini cut series)

Happy Thursday Everybody!!! 🙂

As most of you lil ladies (who have been following my fitness journey) know, I did a ‘summer cut’ this last summer to shed some lbs and lean out after my lean bulk last winter. I made some really good progress towards my fitness goals over the summer with my cut. I was on an intense (but fun 😉 training schedule, my nutrition was in line with my goals and consistent.. so everything went well and I was feeling good physically and mentally! However, once the school year started back up.. my fitness goals kind of took a back seat to my school work (that type of bull honkey happens when you’re paying thousands a year for school ugh). I have still been working out 4-5 times per week, but my nutrition has been really inconsistent (some days I over-eat, some days I under-eat) and I haven’t been feeling as good mentally or physically as I did over the summer.

Well I’m done with that b.s. and I’m ready to make my fitness goals a main priority again! Originally my plan was to start my lean bulk at the end of October. I wanted to continue my summer cut up until that point so I had a good, fresh point to start my lean bulk! But since I haven’t been super on track with my cut, I’m going to do a mini 4 week cut to get myself to where I originally wanted to be when I started my lean bulk!

I thought it would be fun to do a lil series with my blog about how I go about a mini cut! I always start a cut by planning everything out: my macros, my training schedule, my time frame, my current goals, and how I’m planning on taking action! I’m planning on sharing some of my favorite exercises / workouts with you guys (via my Instagram), favorite healthy recipes, helpful tips, cut updates, etc! I want to give you guys all of the info you need to know to tag along on this mini cut with me!!

Just use these steps as a guide to set up your cut so you can be successful as well!! Feel free to share your journey with me or ask me any questions you may along the way!! It’s always fun and motivating to have some people join you on your fitness journey 🙂 Let’s get started!!

Time Frame: 4 week mini cut (October 18th – November 15th)

Nutrition Plan: IIFYM: with that being said, I really want to focus on getting back to a 80/20 lifestyle (filling my days with 80% healthy, well-rounded meals, and 20% of little snacks or sweets.) I enjoy eating clean, although it can be challenging, it makes your body feel amazing and is worth every bit of it. Clean eating gives me energy, clears my acne and makes me feel healthier physically and mentally 🙂

Current Physique: 

I like documenting my beginning physique. I feel like it helps keep me on track, helps keep me motivated, and helps me to see my progress at the end!!

Take your ‘starting pictures!’ 

Quick tips: Take your pictures relaxed, not posed! Take your pictures (and weight & measurements) in the morning on an empty tummy to show your true physique! Take your progress pictures in the same clothes each time! Don’t over take progress pictures, this can be really discouraging because change does not happen quickly!

Here’s how I take my starting progress pics!! Just relaxed, un-edited, honest pictures!! You are welcome to take pics of more angles if you would like!! 🙂


Measure your current physique! (completely optional)

I honestly do not like weighing myself. I don’t feel like weight truly reflects your progress or even your current physique. Never measure your goals based upon pounds loss or gained.. measure it based upon how you feel about your body and how happy you are!! With all that being said.. I went ahead and weighed myself for the beginning of this cut just to show you guys numbers!

I like tracking starting measurements because I feel like this more accurately tracks your progress. It can show if your glutes have grown, waist has slimmed down, etc. I take my measurements around my glutes, around my quads, and around my waist!! 🙂

Starting weight: 145.5 lbs

Starting measurements: 

waist: 28 inches | glutes: almost 38 inches | quads: 22 inches

Current Goals: 

  • Tone my lower stomach, arms and quads up a little bit more before I begin my lean bulk in November! (Don’t expect a huge change, 4 weeks is a short time period – take it easy on yourself!)
  • Take 1-2 yoga classes per week! Yoga helps to unwind, let go of stress and helps me focus on my physical and mental health. I love feeling in touch with my body through yoga!
  • Eat healthier – eat clean, well-rounded meals!!
  • Focus on intense training (weight lifting) – push yourself in the gym. Lift heavy & sweat!
  • Spend less time eating out – try to limit yourself to eating out 1 time per week
  • Avoid all dairy as much as possible (cheese, ice cream, milk, etc.)
    • Dairy fudges my body up. Everybody is somewhat intolerant to dairy (your body is literally not made to digest it) but I believe I’m actually lactose intolerant. Whenever I consume dairy I become really bloated, my face always breaks out, I become constipated and my stomach gets hard knots and feels funky every time. Not worth it for myself!!
  • Love your body, love yourself! 
  • Stay productive – constantly be working towards your fitness goals, academic goals, and business goals (they’re a little secret for now, but announcements on my next business adventure will start being announced soon and I’m really excited 🙂
    • *If it is not bettering your mentally, physically, earning you money or getting you to where you want / need to be – then ditch it & stop spending time on it*
  • Eat more veggies!! I am terrible at eating vegetables. I love fruit and willingly eat it every day.. but something about veggies that I’m not crazy about. But I’m aiming to eat at least 1 veggie a day: avocado, edamame, zucchini, green beans, peppers, etc.

Feel free to add your own personalized goals!! A few good ones to add (if they apply to you) are things like: drink alcohol moderately, avoid pop, avoid ‘junk food’ (chips, cookies, doughnuts, etc.) avoid sugary coffee drinks, etc! These are amazing goals for beginners to start working towards (plus this is an easy 10-15 pounds to lose by simply giving these foods / drinks up!)

Current Macros: 

1,800 calories | 203 carbs | 50 fat | 135 protein | 25 fiber

I calculated these macros based upon my weight and current fitness goals. I just use these macros as a guide. If I still feel hungry at the end of the day, I’ll eat! And if I don’t feel hungry, I’m not gonna stuff myself!! It’s so important to listen to your body and what it needs and go from there!! I like having higher carbs and lower fats even when I’m in a cut.. I have low blood sugar so I have found calculating my macros this way works best for my body! I’m going to use these macros as a starting point and adjust as I go if I need to 🙂

Keep in mind, just because these are my macros, does not mean they would be your macros as well! If you need help calculating what your macros would be, send me and email and I can help you get on the right track!!

I use the My Fitness Pal app to track my food to ensure I am hitting my macros daily! Keep in mind: I don’t track my macros every single day, I probably don’t even track half of the time honestly. I’m just tracking for this 4 week cut since it is such a short period of time and I want to ensure I am on track the whole time!! 🙂

Current Training Schedule: 

  • Train 5 days per week.
    • 3 lower body days: glute isolation | glutes & hamstrings | glutes & quads
    • 2 upper body days: back & biceps | shoulders, triceps & chest
    • cycle HIIT & abs into these separate workouts!
  • Do 2-3, 10 minute HIIT sessions per week. 
    • I like doing HIIT on the StairMaster or by adding heavy weight to a push sled and pushing it 10 times!
  • Train abs once per week.
    • A lot of different compound exercises train your abs unintentionally. That’s why I’m just dedicating one day to training abs 🙂
  • Take 1-2 yoga class per week!
    • Take a yoga class either on a rest day, as a ‘cool down’ to the day, or in the morning to jumpstart your day!

I don’t assign a certain workout to a certain day. I actually hate being on a strict schedule, so I leave it open for me to choose which muscle I want to train on which day (as long as I get 1 of each workout in per week!)

Current Supplements: 


  • 1 complete multivitamin per day: to provide my body with necessary nutrients
  • 1 probiotic per day: to help with my digestive health (to poop hehe)
  • also random thang: I drink pre-workout before my workouts as well for some extra energy

These are the vitamins that help me personally!! If there is something else you need a little boost of, feel free to take whichever vitamins you need / want to take!

Workout Planner:

I like using my daily planner to track what workouts I did on what day. It’s really easy for me to forget if I’ve trained back & biceps already that week or if it was last week already. So I’ll just write down in my planner what I trained that day and what days I do my HIIT workouts to make sure I’m getting everything done I need to!

If you don’t have a planner, no prob! I attached a link below that is a blank, printable sheet for you to track your workouts on daily!!


I hope this guide helps you guys get on track with your fitness goals!! Also, don’t forget to share your journey with me!! Whether it is via email or social media, I love seeing your progress and would love to help you out with problems you may be running into!!

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Sending SO Much Love | xoxoxo

Paige 🙂

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