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Hi everybody! I’ve been a lilll MIA on my blog lately because life has been kind of crazay lately! I wanted to fill all of you beautiful people in on all of the huge events and changes that have occurred in my life over the past few months! Here’s the crazy ride I’ve been on lately!! Hang the eff on 😉

Me and Kc got engaged! After 5 1/2 years he finallllly decided to put a ring on it 😉 We got engaged on November 17th when Kc arranged a day full of wine tastings and a bomb a$$ dinner to follow for all of us! He asked my dad and his mom to come along with us so they could be a part of the special moment which was really sweet. I also found out later on that he had called my dad beforehand and asked for his blessing which is even sweeter! The full engagement story is below 🙂

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Full story: Earlier that day we all met at our house in Lincoln, had a couple orange beers (blue moon + orange juice = total game changer) and me and his mom got ready! The weather was absolutely beautiful for mid November in Nebraska – it was in the 60’s (which is crazy) and was perfect for jeans and a tee with a light jacket, my typa weather lemme tell ya!

Later we headed out to a really pretty winery in Ashland, NE called Cellar 426. I looooove checking out different wineries – sampling wine and seeing the different atmospheres of each place is my thang. The tasting room at this winery was a beautiful wood, lodge type, building that sits on a hill with a huge wrap around wooden deck where you can see out for miles and miles and it overlooks the entire vineyard! Ugh so pretty.

We bought a bottle of wine and were just hanging out and drinking on the deck (at this point I kind of knew something was up.. his mom kept smiling at him and my dad had been hugging me allll day long and smiling and Kc seemed kind of quiet which is rare 😉  He asked me to marry him on the balcony that overlooked the vineyard at sunset!!! He had my ring custom designed and it was literally everything I wanted! He did good with the whole sha-bang 🙂

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After the winery, we went to have dinner at Kinja in Omaha and the food was really good!! We had some scallops, steak and lobster and the portion sizes of these meals could feed a family of four, for real. Definitely worth the $$$ because it’s yummy and you have food for the next 7 days 😉 Me and Kc split a huge fish bowl drink at Kinja and then we went back to Lincoln to watch some midget wrestling at a dive bar. Overall my typa night! ♥

FYI: I’m doing a wedding planning series on my blog! I’m planning on doing a post or two a month of updates on things we’ve decided on like the dress, wedding colors, food, etc. and helpful tips for my other brides to be! It would also be fun to share some DIY tips because we’re ballin’ on a budget so I’m trying to make as many things myself as I can! It will be fun to take you all along on the wedding planning 🙂

for wedding planning (part one) blog post → click here!

l&w front

love & whiskey: I have been dedicating almost all of my time to this little baby of mine. Ever since I was in high school I have always wanted to own my own boutique. I remember riding in Kc’s truck with him when I was a junior in high school and he randomly asked me “If you could have any job in the world, what would your dream job be?” It didn’t take me long to say “I would probably own my own boutique.” I said it as if it was a far fetched dream. Ever since I was little you always talk about your ‘dream jobs’ as if they will never happen. Kc looked at me and said “Well why aren’t you doing that then?” And it was honestly the first time I ever thought I could actually have my dream job. This convo sparked a little fire.


I finally decided in October-ish to start taking action! I decided to start out by opening an online boutique. My end goal is to definitely have my own store someday but I wanted to wait a little longer for a couple reasons:

  1. First thangs first: moolah. Being a 21 year old girl with not a lot of credit built up with some college debt added into the mix, it was damn near impossible for me to get a loan anywhere. I finally found a company that invests in small businesses. They disperse their loans based on character, not non-existent-ish credit scores. I was approved for a $5,000 loan and my business began! An online boutique was a good first move for me because there are not nearlyyyyy as many expenses that go in to an online boutique vs. actually having a store. I don’t have to pay rent for a separate store (I just have shop set up in a room in our house), hire employees, buy probably triple the inventory to fill a store, among many other things!
  2. I wanted to build a reputation first!! I felt like starting out with an online boutique would be a great way to build a reputation before I move into a store! I feel like it is an opportunity to get people excited about my brand and develop long standing customers!
  3. Location!? Location plays such a huge role in your company’s success it’s crazy!! I love Lincoln and I’m sure that we will be sticking around for a while, but who knows!? Me and Kc have talked about how much bigger / better the job opportunities are in places like Kansas City, so I wanted to leave my possibilities open for the next couple years! I also love the south. I would honestly love to live in Tennessee or some place like that someday and I feel like love & whiskey would fit in perfectly down there. We don’t have babies yet, so there are some possibilities of moving 🙂

Honesty hour: Honestly this has been the most exciting, scariest, rewarding, scariest (again lol) experience ever. There’s really nothing scarier than completely switching up your game plan, having your finances completely rely on your dream and diving into a business that you know not a lot about. I have never been so stressed over something in my entire life. There are days where I’m so happy that I’m grinding and chasing my goals and I feel so alive. There are other days where I’m so scared and stressed and lost that I will break down crying and think “wtf am I doing?” I am absolutely terrified of failing with this business. But I think that’s actually kind of a good thing.. it drives me and determines me to continue to grow and succeed. I guess the saying “If your goals doesn’t scare you, then they’re not big enough” is no shit.

pictured: taupe fur jacket, crop denim jacket & athletic hoodie

Our mission statement: love & whiskey is a brand created to promote self love and acceptance among women by providing products every woman can love and identify with. The ‘love’ inspires the softer side of women while the ‘whiskey’ inspires the independent, boss babe side of women. When you bring love & whiskey together it’s a killer combination that nobody can overlook. ♥

I want my boutique to have a little bit of everything: boho, grunge, athletic wear, staple pieces, and more! I want everybody from all walks of life to be able to find a piece from love & whiskey that they love at an affordable price!

Here are some of my fav looks designed by different #loveandwhiskeygirls



love & whiskey items pictured above → the L&W Knit Beanie ($27.50) with the L&W Braided Cardigan ($42) & L&W Dreamy Tee ($37.50) paired with the L&W Kan Can Skinny Jeans ($45.50) and topped off with the L&W Dark Mauve Booties ($38.75) – the CUTEST shoes ever ugh


love & whiskey items pictured  the L&W Camel Knee High Boots ($41.50)

denim jacket

love & whiskey items pictured → the L&W Crop Denim Jacket ($38.50) paired with the L&W Dreamy Tee ($37.50)

We also have a couple fun things planned for love & whiskey this week that I’m really excited about!! I want to meet amazing ladies through this business and form our own little community that’s full of positivity, hustle & boss babe shit. I thought a fun way to do that would be to start a couple love & whiskey traditions! ♥

  • I will be having four model searches a year! At the beginning of each season I want to have a girls day with three ladies where we go out and shoot some love & whiskey looks, drink coffee, have snacks and they can take home some professionally edited pictures free of charge! Plus they can be the first people to see some of that new season’s clothing! The winter model’s shoot day will be this Friday and I’m really excited to spend time with these ladies! I also need to think of a fun name for this day / tradition.. any ideas!?love & whiskey model search.png
  • I will also be hosting a few “ladies nights” throughout the year at my house! I want to have a night where I invite any ladies who are interested to come eat snacks, drink wine, shop love & whiskey and check out some other fun vendors! Our first ladies night will be this Sunday from 3 PM – 9 PM. Come drink some wine and shop! Check out our Facebook page for more details if you’re interested in coming! 🙂
  • I’m also doing giveaways!! I’m actually doing a giveaway right now on social media that ends this weekend!! I’m giving away one of my favorite graphic tee’s of all time (so cute & soft) and one of the hats shown in the picture below to a lucky lil lady! You have the option of picking whichever combo you are in love with the most! Check out our Instagram page to see the info on how you can be entered into the drawing!


Stay in touch with love & whiskey on social media ♥


Instagram: @_loveandwhiskey

Twitter: @_loveandwhiskey

Facebook: love & whiskey

& become a #loveandwhiskeygirl ♥

I decided to give college the boot. Ever since my freshman year I felt really lost in college. I know that’s pretty typical as a freshman at a new school in a new town with not a lot of people you know, but that lost feeling never really went away when it came to college itself. I decided on a major I wasn’t crazy or passionate about and it was really hard for me to build up motivation to do something that I didn’t feel like I had a purpose doing. Everyday in class I felt like I was wasting my time and money on something I didn’t even know what I was going to use towards. Right as soon as I decided to open my online boutique I decided to not go back for my spring semester of college. I really want to give my complete focus and attention to growing my business! I want to dedicate everything to trying to make this business successful, and hopefully it will turn into my career! You have to take chances and believe in yourself, because if you don’t nobody will! Life is too short to not chase after your dreams, and college just isn’t for everybody! Don’t ever let anybody make you feel bad about yourself for taking a different path. ♥

I work as a waitress on the weekends. Since my business is still in the start up stages, I gotta make my moolah in other ways also! The schedule of a waitress is ideal because it allows me to dedicate my days towards my business and then just work the busy weekend nights! It’s the type of flexibility I need at this point and I make pretty decent money working at the country club! The main downfall really to waitressing is there isn’t a set wage you can depend on. Some nights you may make $200 and other nights you may only make $20. It makes it pretty hard to make a monthly budget because you’re not exactly sure what each paycheck will look like! Since this aspect of the job can be pretty overwhelming I’m actually testing the waters with a different job that I think will be a much better fit for me.. stay tuned on that one! Why can’t I just be ballin’ yet!? (insert crying face)

I started a separate fitness Instagram page! For some reason the combo of fitness and just my life on Instagram caused me to have a little bit of anxiety (I’m weird I know). So I started a separate fitness page to give my anxious ass some ease. Check it out for healthy recipes, workout ideas, and general fitness tips 🙂

Instagram: @thefitnesspaige_

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Thanks for reading you guys! It’s crazy to me that you guys are willing to take the time out of your busy days to read the stuff I post! I love and appreciate each and every one of you so much!!! Thank you for the support ♥

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Sending SO Much Love | xoxoxo

Paige ♥



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