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Welcome My Beautiful People…

Thanks for stopping by! I feel like it’s so easy to put out helpful information, but I want you guys to get to know me on a deeper level than just knowing my favorite workouts or favorite meals – these are important too though ; ) So here are some random, fun facts about me! 

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  • I live in NE. I moved to Lincoln from my small home town a couple of years ago to attend college at UNL. It was a HUGE transition for me and it was kinda tough at the beginning. I found my groove when I made some amazing friends, moved in with Kc, began exploring Lincoln and began my fitness journey!

  • I live with my boyfriend of 5 years, Kc and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. We started dating the summer before my junior year in high school, so I’m not sure if we are considered high school sweethearts ?? Let me know : )
  • Me and Kc have a little fur baby named Whiskey and I can’t spoil him enough! He’s a 3 yr old Papilion who has a larger than life personality – so he fits in well with the family : )
  • I LOVE every single holiday, but my favorite holiday is Halloween. I love the fall time weather (in NE it’s usually like 50 degrees), the changing colors of leaves, haunted houses & scary movies, pumpkin patches, fall fashion, pumpkin flavored foods & drinks, the whole sha-bang.
    • Me and Kc’s anniversary is in October and I tell him ALL the time that’s when our wedding will be too … he has no problem with that because we both turn into little balls of sassy fire in the heat.
    • I am that girlfriend who has to have the house decorated for every single holiday. I love how the holidays bring the family together and brings out old traditions. Plus it’s a chance for me to make and try new foods which is always fun 🙂 Some of my best memories are with my family during the holidays.
  • I love the south. Me and Kc went on vacations to TN and VA in 2016 (I would love to visit more states) and it felt like home with the mountains, mason jars, weather and rustic towns. I would love to have a vacation cabin in the mountains in VA someday!
  • random things I love: pretty flowers, long walks, a good book, shopping (but I’m in college so that one’s rough), eating on the porch during a nice day, spending time with family, going to the movies, steakhouses, roller coasters, country music and mason jars.
  • random food facts: I love lemon and banana flavored things (weird I know), I drink my coffee black with just a lil bit of sugar, I eat an avocado almost every day, I die a little bit during the winter time when the watermelon and grapes aren’t that good, desserts are my number one cheat meal (chocolate ugh) and I could eat sweet potato fries with every meal, every day and be perfectly happy with my life.
  • I love traveling and exploring new places… whether it’s a new restaurant in town or a vacation to a different state / country, those are some of the best days of my life.

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